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Leadership, Empowerment and Facilitation for Youth

Training Course

17-24 April 2023 | Ängsbacka, Sweden

Do you think that climate change is one of the most urgent topic that we need to face? Would you like to make a change but you feel that you need more skills and support of a network of like-minded people? Then, this training is for you!

“Leadership, Empowerment and Facilitation for Youth” (LEAFY) is a training course for youth workers that will take place in the Ängsbacka, Sweden from 17th to 24h April 2023.


A pan-European youth survey conducted in April, 2021 by IPSOS among more than 22.000 people aged 15-35 in 23 European countries shows that climate change and environmental degradation are still more than 10% above any other worries among young Europeans, including the spread of infectious diseases. This suggests that young people are generally clear sighted about the long-term challenges facing humanity. This project aims to create a shared knowledge base among youth workers and youth leaders so that they can work more effectively with young people around the topics of sustainability, inclusion and climate change.


The course will tap into the experience that European ecovillages have accumulated as pioneer educational centres around these topics and it will share an innovative toolbox for youth workers that has been developed and adapted by a partnership among ecovillages, youth workers and sustainability campaigners. An ecovillage is an intentional or traditional community that is designed through local and participatory processes to regenerate social and natural environments. The 4 dimensions of sustainability - ecology, economy, society and culture - are integrated in a holistic approach. Ecovillages are models of sustainable settlements that serve as training and learning centres where people experience, through informal and non-formal education activities, the experience of sharing life in a cohesive, inclusive and sustainable society.


Ängsbacka is a Course and Festival Center for personal and spiritual growth located in the beautiful deep forests of Värmland, Sweden. We support people in their paths to sustainable development, well-being and harmony.
For over 25 years Ängsbacka served as an internationally renowned source of inspiration and meeting place where tens of thousands of people have participated in our events, courses and volunteering programs. We believe that the magic of Ängsbacka lays in authentic connection with yourselve, the people and the nature around you.




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Applications are closed

The application deadline was 22 March 2023.

Date of selection: 24 March 2023

Training overview


This Training Course is

for 33 participants

from Armenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, KOSOVO * UN RESOLUTION, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders


Ängsbakca Kursgård (Youth NGO)

Ängsbacka works in the field of life-long and informal education and sustainable development as a centre for sustainable living and personal development where courses and festivals in yoga, meditation, personal development and sustainability are offered throughout the year.
At Ängsbacka all four dimensions of sustainability (the economic, ecological, social and cultural) are seen as mutually reinforcing. Attention to each one is essential for holistic and healthy community development. Here, people learn not only through the courses and workshops offered, but most importantly through the immersive experience that is incorporated into everyday life in an intentional working community.

Contact for questions:

Dario Ferraro


Phone: +34697849465


Participation fee

No participation fee required.

Accommodation and food

All costs will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme.

Travel reimbursement

Participants' tickets will be reimbursed up to a maximum amount that depends from the country where they reside and travel from.



210€ Sweden

320€ Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Czechia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine (green travel*)

360€ Spain, Portugal, Greece (flying allowed)

530€ Armenia (flying allowed)



To reduce the project’s environmental footprint, participants from most countries will be asked to avoid flying for traveling to and from the training. Please make sure that you comply with this condition if you apply.

From the countries indicated above, participants traveling green (no fly) will also be refunded for the costs of their accomodation if they need to stay overnight along the way. You will need to provide a proof of payment (tickets, etc.) and the maximum amount is 60€ per night. Please note that this refund is not intended to support holidays or other detours before or after the training. The amount spent will be refunded only if it is part of a coherent travel plan coming from and going back to your place of residence.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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