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Layers of communication

Training Course

21-30 October 2020 | Artkruh permacultural settlement, Slovak Republic

This training will offer various methods and tools for cultivation of body communication, emotional communication and verbal communication, with special emphasis on compassion, collaboration, respect, and support.

Layers of communication is a 8 days training course (+2 days travel) for youth workers, trainers, mentors, coaches and other supporting professions. This training will offer various methods and tools for cultivation of body communication, emotional communication and last but not least even verbal communication, with special emphasis on compassion, collaboration, respect, and support. Training will improve leadership competencies of participants and their ability of authentic expression, communication and conflict prevention.
This training is providing various methods like Non-violent communication methodology, art-therapeutical approach, performing arts (e.g. clowning) to improve participants emotional, and body awareness in communication, and to help them for long-term development of EQ. This is important competence for all supporting and leading professions like trainers, youthworkers, mentors, project managers, community builders but same methods can be offered to clients of these professionals, mainly to young people. It is important skill to read which emotions and feelings are hidden behind the words, or even if words are missing. Also it is important to deliver message in an acceptable way.

Our general aim of this training is to bring various methods and tools for cultivation of compassionate, collaborative, respectful and supportive communication in the level of verbal, emotional and body expression.

• To develop skills and get knowledge related to providing effective youth work and training activities with special emphasis on empathic communication;

• To develop skills and competencies based on non-violent communication methodology

• To practice and develop empathic body-language communication

• To develop skills and competencies for communication in various artistic fields using art-therapeutic methods

• To provide participants with various exercises supporting development of emotional intelligence (EQ) for further individual work

• To create a network of close minded youthworkers and trainers, who can share results of their common attitude

For more informations, check attached infopack.


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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 35 participants

from Austria, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Volunteering mentors, Youth coaches

Working language(s):



Artkruh (Youth NGO)

Civic association ART KRUH is corporation of artists, craftsmen, creative and common people.
Our mission is to promote harmonious coexistence with nature, preservation and
development of traditional values in accordance with cultural heritage and nature of the
country. Our activities aim to contribute to local and regional development and
sustainability. Our main target group is youth (but also adults and children) that we aim to
motivate to active, creative and sustainable life-style in the rural areas. We are founding
permaculture center of non-formal education “Golden hill”, to create a space in which
would be people able to educate, self-realize and self-know themselves through creative,
cultural, artistic and also everyday-life activities. Besides that we are providing local museum
“Black kitchen” with traditional way of cooking and living.

Contact for questions:

Marian Mazag


Phone: 00421901789978


Participation fee

Additional participants fee is in a renge between 40 and 100 according to participants possibilities. However we don´t want to make money to be an obstacle. It is possible to contribute in other way than with finances.

Accommodation and food

All other costs, accomodation and food are provided from Erasmus+ grant. 

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs are refunded with limits. Here you can see maximum reimbursment per country: Greece 275, Estonia 275, Italy 275, France 275, Spain 275. Austria 275, Lithuania 275, Portugal 275, Slovakia 20.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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