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InclusiVibes: Harmonizing Humanity

Training Course

8-14 April 2024 | Rimini, Italy

5 days (+ travel) Erasmus Plus Training Course for Youth Workers in human rights and inclusion aims to empower participants through knowledge, skills, and perspectives for creating inclusive youth work environments.

The course includes:

  • interactive workshops,
  • discussions,
  • exercises to deepen understanding of human rights,
  • promote inclusive practices,
  • develop cultural competence,
  • enhance conflict resolution skills,
  • encourage innovation in youth work,
  • facilitate networking among participants,
  • empower them to implement inclusive projects.
  • The goal is for participants to feel equipped and inspired to champion human rights and inclusion in their youth work, fostering spaces for young people to thrive, learn, and contribute to a more just and inclusive society.
  • The project objectives are:
  • Enhance Understanding of Human Rights: Deepen participants' understanding of human rights principles and their relevance in youth work.
  • Promote Inclusive Practices: Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to implement inclusive practices in their youth work settings.
  • Develop Cultural Competence: Provide tools and strategies for participants to develop cultural competence in working with diverse groups of young people.
  • Enhance Conflict Resolution Skills: Improve participants' ability to effectively address and resolve conflicts within youth work environments.
  • Encourage Innovation in Youth Work: Inspire participants to think innovatively and creatively in their approach to youth work, fostering new and effective methods.
  • Facilitate Networking: Create opportunities for participants to network with each other, fostering a supportive community of youth workers.
  • Empower for Inclusive Project Implementation: Empower participants with the skills and motivation to initiate and implement inclusive projects in their youth work contexts.
  • Inspire Champions of Human Rights and Inclusion: Motivate participants to become advocates and champions of human rights and inclusion within their respective roles.
  • Foster Spaces for Youth Thriving: Encourage participants to create environments where young people can thrive, learn, and contribute positively.
  • Contribute to a More Just and Inclusive Society: Empower participants to contribute to the broader goal of building a more just and inclusive society through their work with young people.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 23 participants

from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania

and recommended for

Youth workers

Working language(s):



PiGreco - Semi di Intercultura APS (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Giulia Savini


Phone: +393345275909


Participation fee

No costs

Accommodation and food

We will provide accomodation and food

Travel reimbursement

Italy (from 23 euros to 180 depending on the distance)

Portugal (275 Euro, 320 for Green Travel)

North Macedonia (275 Euro, 320 for Green Travel)

Greece (275 Euro, 320 for Green Travel)

Romania (275 Euro, 320 for Green Travel)

Bulgaria (275 Euro, 320 for Green Travel)

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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