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HOP CRASH COURSE. Smooth start with online learning.


22 March - 11 May 2021 | online, Finland

The online course to learn what is quality in online learning and how to implement courses at HOP platform. Dedicated to trainers/facilitators working with NAs/SALTOs, KA2 and KA3 consortiums. After this course your online learning will gain WINGS!


The aim of the course is twofold: to raise the understanding of what is QUALITY in online learning activities within non-formal education in youth field as well as to DISCOVER the potential of HOP online learning platform.


The course will enrich participants with UNDERSTANDING quality in online learning, specifically in the youth work field following principles of non-formal education. The course will make participants more COURAGEOUS to create online courses in various formats (blended and stand-alone online courses with small and big numbers of learners, facilitated and self-paced). The course will also make participants well ACQUAINTED with different possibilities to deliver online learning at HOP platform in an engaging, interactive and learner-centred way.


  • trainers/facilitators/creators of online learning activities for National Agencies and SALTOs;
  • NAs/SALTOs officers willing to support online learning;
  • trainers/facilitators/creators of online learning activities within KA2 and KA3 projects consortiums;
  • preferably already teamed for online courses to be created and having at least the basic idea what online course they like to develop;
  • communicating in English;


Nerijus Kriauciunas to facilitate the 3 webinars, onboarding and final evaluation, to coordinate the process, including general communication with participants.

Michael Kimmig to facilitate the “Plan, create and publish” HOP course, to mentor the teams developing courses, to keep communication with participants on the issues of “Plan, create and publish” HOP course.

Tomek Szopa (SALTO EECA, HOP platform) general coordination and support.


22nd March, 15:00-17:00 CET - Onboarding zoom meeting, (little getting to know each other, introduction to the Crash Course in general and accompanying “Plan, create and publish” in particular, to get familiar with HOP initiative, and practically with the HOP platform)

Launch of the “Plan, create and publish”. The process will continue throughout following weeks, based on the “Plan, create and publish” online course at HOP platform. It will include 5 MeetUp weekly meetings for reflection, evaluation and support from a mentor (Wednesdays: 31st March and then 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th April), where participants/teams can discuss topics from the current course module, reflect on their course creation progress as well as get introduction into the next module of the course. Each team will be also entitled to receive few hours of mentoring, a direct communication with the mentor to support their course development.

26th March, 13:00-15:30 CET, 1st webinar (more getting to know each other for potential networking; sharing experiences in online learning; study visit into different courses at HOP platform; reflection of the visits)

9th April, 13:00-15:30 CET - 2nd webinar (on quality of online learning within non-formal education in the youth work field)

23rd April,  13:00-15:30 CET - 3rd webinar (on the topics of facilitation of an online course, troubleshooting, upholding learners motivation, etc.)

11th May, 17:00-19:00 CET  - Final evaluation, celebration of courses developed and learning outcomes.


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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This E-learning is

for 30 participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Trainers, Facilitators/authors of online learning

Accessibility info:

This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

Working language(s):



SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus (SALTO Resource Centre)



  • Opetushallitus / Utbildningsstyrelsen / The Finnish National Agency for Education (National Agency)

Contact for questions:

Tomasz Szopa



Phone: +48 22 4 631 462


Participation fee

This project is financed by the European Union youth programmes. There is no participation fee.

Accommodation and food

Online course.

Travel reimbursement

Online course.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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