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Heart to Heart with Yourself. Youth workers training on SELF-CARE

Training Course

25 August - 3 September 2024 | Gajrowskie, Poland

This training for youth workers focuses on SELF-CARE. You will have a chance to reach a deep self-connection and regeneration. You will also experience the power of supportive community in the process of self-care and healing.

Youth work practitioners play a vital role in guiding and supporting young individuals through challenges by providing mentorship and creating safe spaces for growth. However, this demanding role can lead to emotional and mental strain due to engaging with complex issues. To mitigate burnout, practitioners must prioritize self-care, which includes maintaining physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Investing in self-care enables them to recharge, manage stress, and approach their roles with renewed energy and effectiveness. By prioritizing their own well-being, practitioners ensure they can continue positively impacting the lives of the youth they serve.

The 8-day training course will actively engage youth workers from all participating countries. The venue of the training will support the learning process, providing a calm and peaceful environment surrounded by nature.

In this project you will:

  • increase awareness of the importance of self-care and learn various self-care strategies
  • be equipped with practical tools and skills to manage well-being and prevent burnout
  • prioritize self-care and develop resilience
  • gain firsthand experience of how supportive community and social networks influence well-being and develop the competence to build them
  • expand abilities to self-reflect and build self-awareness
  • enhance abilities to effectively support and guide young people in developing their own self-care practices
  • build professional networks to exchange experiences.

Additionally, please note that this project follows a sobriety policy, meaning that no alcohol, drugs, or other stimulants are allowed.

You are expected to participate in the whole programme. Coming later or leaving earlier is not possible. You are allowed to arrive or depart max 2 days before or after the mobility.

Infopack of the project: https://shorturl.at/txCS5

Apply til 12th May: https://forms.gle/8k5xUNtGm2TUx2Q96


Information about training activities reaches SALTO from the most different directions. SALTO cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or changes in the training activities. However, please inform SALTO, whenever you should come upon incorrect data in the European Training Calender. Always contact the organisers of the training activities themselves for the latest information.

Applications are closed

The application deadline was 12 May 2024.

Date of selection: 24 May 2024

Training overview


This Training Course is

for 25 participants

from Estonia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ukraine

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth coaches, newcomers in youth sector (future trainers, facilitators)

Working language(s):



Stowarzyszenie Proaktywne (Others)

Stowarzyszenie Proaktywne focuses on youth work locally and internationally. We organize youth exchanges, trainings.
We cooperate with organizations working in public schools. Our staff support implementation of non-formal education into formal education.

Contact for questions:

Beata Peciakowska


Phone: +48511764585


Participation fee

No participation fee.

Accommodation and food

This project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of European Union. Accommodation, food and training materials are fully covered. Your travel is reimbursed up to the certain limit.

Travel reimbursement


ESTONIA - 130€ - plane; 270 € - green travel (bus/train)

ROMANIA225€ - plane; 270 € - green travel (bus/train)


Tenerife: 770 €

Menorca: 310 €

UKRAINE: 225€ - plane; 270 € - green travel (bus/train)

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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