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Green ALF - Agile Learning Facilitators Training Programme

Training Course

11-19 July 2019 | Green School România, Romania

Between the 11-19th of July 2019 we are inviting educators, facilitators, trainers, forest educators, parents interested in homeschooling and students in education, anyone and everyone interested in becoming an Agile Learning Facilitator.

In Agile Learning Centers, the facilitators make sure that the children and youth have all the optimal conditions to learn freely, with intention, playfulness, planfulness, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and agility. 

Take a look at what is Self-directed Education, what is the Agile Learning model and how learning in nature can have amazing benefits for people. If you intend to change the way you are involved in education - as an educator: teacher, trainer, professor, youth worker, animator, facilitator, parent, join us in this self-directed endeavour, in Cluj-Napoca, mid July. 

Our programme is structured in 2 parts: 1) "Roots" - bringing the opportunity to discover the foundations of Agile Learning and 2) "Trunk and branches" - going deeper into the educational philosophy or have the full experience participating in both ("Tree") to unlearn and relearn how learning, education and school could be. As Nature is our home and our best facilitator, the forest education experience will complete the understanding of "natural learning, in nature". 

Three days of possibilities to meet people from around the world and discover the foundations of Agile Learning. We will meet every morning at 9.00, have a light breakfast and set the intentions for the day. Different activities can be created or joined, in order to have a good day and learn, according to one’s own intentions. At the end of the day we will reflect on our processes and express our final thoughts on the experiences. Our facilitators, children and 4 of the Green School educators will make their offerings around the topics: education, learning, schooling, pedagogy, andragogy, self-directed education, agile learning, agile learning methodology and tools, forest education, green schooling and EQ games.

After participating in the foundation course, you can go deeper into the Agile Learning philosophy and learn about the trunk and branches of the Agile tree, by experiencing a typical school week, within its whole cycle: intention, creation, reflecting and sharing.
We will immerse ourselves into the pedagogical tools and methods that children, youth and adults can learn from, individually or with others
Our facilitators:
Sonia Donca-Bercuci
Luiza Apostu
Mihaela Maricescu
Claudia Frățilă


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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 24 participants participants

from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

and recommended for

Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Volunteering mentors, Educators, parents, students

Working language(s):



Green School Romania (Others)

Green School is an educational center hosting a kindergarten and a primary school where learning is self-directed, experiential, based on projects and mainly happens in nature ; the little ones spend about 7 hours outside, regardless of the weather, meanwhile our schoolchildren are out for activities for 4-5 hours approximately. In addition, we have a forest education program for children aged 3-6 , as well as youth projects (international volunteering, youth exchanges, the World Peace Game) and several events for educators, both on national and international scale. Last but not least, we organise conferences on education in nature (see Nature Grammar), study visits from foreign countries and job shadowing in neighboring counties. Our two main target audiences are children and youth (3-15 years) and educators (teachers, animators, youth workers, facilitators, trainers).

Contact for questions:

Ilona Traistă


Phone: (+40) 0799.899.199


Participation fee

Roots - foundations training course (3 days)
dates: 11 - 13 July 2019
schedule: 9.00 am - 4.00 pm
price: 250 euro (~1200 lei)

Trunk and branches - training course (8 days)
dates: 11 - 13 July & 15 - 19 July 2019
schedule: 9.00 am - 4.00 pm
price: 650 euro (~3100 lei)


Accommodation and food

Your financial contribution offers you:

  • participation in the training;
  • plenty of materials to use in your creation & learning processes;
  • office supplies needed in the process;
  • light breakfast, lunch and coffee and tea;
  • training course participant kit; 
  • bus & entry tickets for different learning environments for the "Trunk and branches" training.

The participation fee does not include accomodation and transportation

Travel reimbursement

We do not have the possibility to reimburse travel costs.

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