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Gender Dimension in Youth Empowerment

Training Course

9-17 March 2019 | Latvia

Training course aims to improve the quality of youth work and develop the competencies of 29 people working with youth to act as advocates of greater gender equality and gain skills on how to promote young peoples’ empowerment regardless of their gender.

We are organizing this training course in order to improve the quality of youth work that we do and develop the competencies of 29 people working with youth from our organizations to act as advocates of greater gender equality and gain skills on how to promote young peoples’ empowerment regardless of their gender. We especially want to empower young women. By understanding the mechanisms of gender oppression it will be also easier to understand how the oppression towards other groups in society works and empathize.


  • Developing awareness and understanding about various concepts related to gender, prejudices, mechanisms of discrimination, hate-speech and violence and how it affects young people and society
  • Discussing the role of youth workers to contribute to promoting the (common European) value of gender equality and building motivation of participants to act as gender equality advocates and promoters
  • Sharing realities and challenges that young people typically face because of existing gender prejudices and norms – paying special attention on how it (negatively) affects young girls/women
  • Identifying set of competences needed to be developed in order to contribute to greater gender equality in our communities
  • Exploring NFL tools to address gender-based prejudices and discrimination and develop participants’ facilitation skills
  • Planning and implementing concrete follow-up activities to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion at local level.


  • Be working with young people on regular basis – as youth workers, peer-to-peer educators, activists, teachers, social workers, etc.
  • Open to challenge themselves for learning in the intense programme of the training (sometimes even 12 h per day :))
  • Ready to organize at least 2 follow-up activities using the experience from this training (individually or together with another person from the same country) within 3 months after the training
  • Fluent in communication in English

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 29 participants

from Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom

and recommended for

Youth workers

Working language(s):



YEIC ''Saspraude'' (Youth NGO)

''Youth Education and Initiative center ''Saspraude'' is public benefit organization. YEIC "Saspraude" main objective is improving the well being of youngsters. We are promoting youth education opportunities, especially in fields related to healthy lifestyle, promoting equality and youth initiative.
To reach our objective we organize events, camps, educational and fun free time activities, training courses four youth workers, peer educator camps, and lessons, offer support to youngsters who wish to implement their own projects.
Union YEIC ''Saspraude'' has realized more than 40 European and many local level projects, where as a result there were camps made, variety of trainings, exchange seminars, events and competitions for young people, and also trainings for people, who work with youngsters.

Contact for questions:

Eva Leinerte


Phone: +371 25547008


Participation fee

Participation is for free

Accommodation and food

The accommodation and meal costs will be covered by the hosts.

Travel reimbursement

Latvia - 20 EUR

Germany - 275 EUR

Greece - 360 EUR

Spain - 360 EUR

Norway - 275 EUR

Italy - 360 EUR

Poland - 275 EUR

United Kingdom - 275 EUR

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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