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Games 4 US!

Training Course

7-15 February 2017 | Uşak, Türkiye

Games 4 US! project based on how to develop game based learning environment, gamification and game design under the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme according to Non-formal education activities. We are willing to see you in our KA1 TC for Youth Workers.
Games 4 US! Project, is developed about game based learning, gamification and game design. The project’s general aim is integration the disciplines of game based learning/gamification/game design to Youth Works by according to this; increasing youth work’s quality and acquiring new dimensions in youth work. As a summary you can take a look to general view within 6W, 1H questions; WHAT? >Games 4 US! Project is prepared under Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Worker’s Mobility/Training Course programme. General aim of the Project is, increasing the skills, knowledge and competences of youth workers/trainers/facilitators in the field of game based learning, gamification and game design; according to these abilities, aim to increase and contribute the youth work’s and non-formal educational activity’s qualities. WHY? >The Need’s Analyse is made before the Project development and hereby we discovered that there are lack of new and sustainable techniques in non-formal education activities and youth actions. In this context youth workers are using the same non-formal education techniques and approaches repeated. The Project focused on to design and create new non-formal education techniques and approached and help the youth worker’s to develope their knowledge and skills in this area related to increase the quality of youth works and contribute the shared the treasure of EU in Youth Works. HOW? >There will be 3 Trainer will charge in the Project during 8 days and 8 months in the main activity period. In this period trainer team will help and pioneer the youth workers/trainers in game based learning, gamification and game design. The participants will use their new gained skills and competences in their daily youth works activities, through this way youth workers will contribute the EU Youth Strategies via sustainable new and innovative tools. WHERE? >Project will held in Uşak City TR33 Region, which is located in west of Turkey. WHEN? >Project will start in October, 2016 and will forecast to end in March 2017. The main activity of the Project (training course) will be held between 07 February – 15 February 2017 for 8 days. WHO? >There is a strong and wide partnership in the Project and there are 16 total institutions as public entities and youth NGO’s from 12 different country from EU and neighbour countries in the project. 30 Youth Workers and trainers will attend to main activity in the Project and 10 of them will be disabled and disadvantage youngsters. WHOM? >Project is designed for youth workers who wants to develop their skills/knowledge/comptences in the field of game based learning, gamification and game design. Generally, by this Project we contribute the youth workers to develop new non-formal education techniques and approached via sustainable activities by theirselves and they will find a chance to design and implement these new techniques. According to general impact of the project there may pioneer excellence of innovation in youth works with disadvantage young people.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 30 participants

from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Republic of North Macedonia, Türkiye

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Teachers

Working language(s):



Uşak İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (Youth NGO)

Uşak MEM is non-profit governmental experienced organisation. We are powerful in youth in actions and all kind of educational activities in Uşak region we organise every kind of youth exchanges, training courses for youth workers, personal development activities, educational fairs and exhibitions, non-formal education activities, relations with each kind of NGO in our region too. Our organisation has got 6 Non-Formal Education Centre and 1 Youth Centre which are organising non-formal educational acitivities for youngsters. We have 1 accomodation hotel for cultural exchanges and youth leaders. We are organising educations for youngsters from 15 to 30 age years old and youth trainers in the subjects below;
*Outdoor survival-adventure based activities
*Simulation based learning
*Self-directed learning
*Thinking Skills (reflective, criticising, creative, problem solving, meta cognitive etc.)
*Project Cycle Management
*Team building activities
*Game based learning

On the other hand we are organising local volunteering projects with youngsters.

Contact for questions:

Ceyhun UZUN

Website: http://usakarge.meb.gov.tr

Website: http://usak.meb.gov.tr

Phone: +90 276 223 3990

Fax: +90 276 223 3989


Phone: +905555832515


There may be selected 2 Participants from each country. All the accomodation and food fees covered by the Erasmus+ Programme. Travel fees will be reimbursed Erasmus+ Travel Funding regulation. You can find details in the attachments. Participation fee is €35 for per participant.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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