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FREE webinar - Anxiety is your Friend


9 April 2021 | Zoom, Netherlands

A webinar about how can we react to anxiety, or to other's anxiety - as youth workers/trainers/educators esp. during this pandemic. The purpose of the webinar to educate and discuss in a safe space with humour and ease even about difficult or taboo topics

Mental Health is so very important, especially nowadays with routines changing, with different stimuli, with a totally abnormal dynamic of everyday life.

As a Mental Health Coach and Psychologist, many people approach me and check in with me "Is it okay if I think this?", "Can I do this with my student?", "I have this weird sensation in my chest", "I am so awkward in crowds".

Judgements, questions and never mentioning what we are really talking about, just kind of sort of touching on the subject of mental health (because you don't want to seem crazy, right?)

Mental Health is actually so much fun and joy. It is our body and mind telling us a message. It's like an old friend who knows us really well, and telling us to slow down, or that we can do better, and yeah sometimes we don't want to listen to this crazy old friend, and sometimes it is time to listen.

Anxiety is also a big topic in training and in education, unfortunately in some countries, we don't talk enough about it. So let's also check in with ourselves as educators:

- What is the language I use when I talk about this?

- How do I support situations with an anxious volunteer, participant or pupil?

- What practical tips do I have, and when to exactly use them?

JOIN THIS FRIDAY (09.04.2021) AT 18:30 CET

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Unfolding - Training and Coaching is created by Zsofia Gaudi. The mission is to unfold difficult and taboo topics with a sense of ease and humour and wittiness.

Zsofia is a Mental Health Coach studied in the UK and worked in several hospitals in mental health care. She recently completed her EVS in the Netherlands, where she focused on personal development trainings and how to make mental health more practical.


Environ.Mental we create experiences for personal development, implementing what is around me and exploring what is in me.


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