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Digital youth work

Training Course

4-11 June 2021 | Bansko, Bulgaria

The overall aim of the project is to provide youth workers and NGOs with the adequate and up to date measures knowledge, skills, competences and experience in digital youth work.

The training course Digital youth work will focus on understanding the digital youth work, digital education and online activism for NGOs concept and elements, presenting innovative tools that can be applied in daily youth work, sharing good practices from across Europe, boosting the skills and competences of the youth workers for using digital technologies for better and more quality volunteer management, online activism, online communication and for reaching out more young people, even from marginalized communities.

Project objectives:

-to provide deeper understanding of the concept of digital youth work

-to provide practical tools and increase the digital skills and knowledge for better volunteer management, online activism and online communication

-to strengthen the potential and capacity of the NGOs to better correspond to the nowadays needs of the young people by integrating technology and digital tools into everyday youth work.

By implementing the project we expect to raise awareness among NGOs and youth workers about the importance of digital tools to reach out more youth in an easier, youth friendly and smarter way, which will also make youth work more efficient. The participants will be introduced to good practices of digital tools to help their daily work with youth-for volunteer management, communication with team members and volunteers, digital tools to online activism, for project management. By introducing the concept of digital youth work, good practices in the field, concrete digital tools as well as knowledge and information about digitalization we expect to invest in the capacity of the youth workers thus the NGOs involved which will reflect in the quality of the youth services they offer. By acquiring the knowledge, skills and competences in digital youth work, online activism and digital tools, the youth workers will become more efficient in their every day work with young people, will easily communicate, will be able to reach out more youth trough online tools, will become better in online activism. Moreover, this project can give an impulse for the NGOs involved to start transformation their youth services, to become more efficient and able to answer the needs of the modern youth accordingly.


Information about training activities reaches SALTO from the most different directions. SALTO cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or changes in the training activities. However, please inform SALTO, whenever you should come upon incorrect data in the European Training Calender. Always contact the organisers of the training activities themselves for the latest information.

Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 30 participants

from Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders

Working language(s):



Association Pro Vision International (Youth NGO)

Provision International is a youth and civil society organization, which connects active adventurous people together. We work mainly with young people, but also with youth workers, trainers and teachers and organizations active in non-formal education field and life long learning. Our members have participated and organized different youth exchanges, seminars and training courses concerning equality, media impact, innovation, fight against racism & xenophobia, human rights, mobility and migration, HIV prevention, environment protection and other issues. Our volunteers gather every month to take up new ideas and think how to put them into practice. We sincerely believe that young people today can make a difference and we all work for this purpose.

First activities of the organization date back to the year 2010 when group of active young people got together to organize a youth exchange. After that there have been many local regional activities concerning integration, adventure tourism and different interest specific activities
Members of the organization meet regularly to put their ideas into practice and develop new projects and activities. All activities are organized by volunteers and voluntarily. There are members all over Estonia in the organization and there are even regional grouping in 5 counties. The main age group of members is from 16 to 35 + people working with young people (without age limit). Many members come from rural/remote areas, so Provision International has also young people with fewer opportunities involved in the organization.

Contact for questions:

Petya Kulina


Phone: +359895180486


Participation fee

Contribution fee: There is no contribution fee of this project. 

Covid-19 test- In case it's required for entering Bulgaria or back to sending country at time when the project will be implemented, we are able to cover maximum 50 % of the total costs of the PCR/other type of test taht's required. 

Accommodation and food

Accomodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the duration of the activities will be covered by the receiving organzation  Provision International.

All participants will be accomodated in Royal Bansko aparthotel , located in Bansko Bulgaria at the follwoing address: ul. "Kosherinata" 2770, Bansko, Bulgaria

Travel reimbursement


Travel costs: Please note that travel costs will be reimbursed on the basis of original tickets, boarding passes and invoices/receipts for travel. Do not forget to collect and bring all of them.

Only cheapest/economy class travel will be reimbursed and a public transport.!!! Please know that this might be an option with connecting flight or longer delays.   

PLEASE DO NOT buy your tickets without having confirmation from the organizers.

!!!Please know that tickets that are not confirmed may not be reimbursed

WE are  not responsible of reimbursing tickets without our prior validation.


How to provide the needed justifying documents? (Remember! If anything is missing from the list below, unfortunately we are not able to reimburse the costs). We will try to do cash reimbursement to all participants only if they can provide electronic versión of all tickets before they depart from Bulgaria.

1.Flight tickets (economic class/low cost if possible) – all the following are needed:

e-ticket (you receive it by e-mail after you buy the flight);

fiscal invoice (ask your travel agency or check on the website where you buy the ticket how can you get a fiscal invoice). The invoice can be issued on the name of traveler, or on the name of the organisation you represent;

proof of payment (signed and stamped): can be a receipt from where you buy the tickets, can be a payment order (if you pay by bank transfer) or can be a bank or an account statement (if you pay by internet banking);

boarding pass (you get it online and print it at home 24h-30h before the flight or directly in the airport);

In the exceptional case when the amount on your invoice is different that the amount charged, a personal declaration will be needed and only the amount charged is subject of reimbursement.

2.Train tickets (make sure the date, the itinerary and the price are visible on the ticket, if you can get an invoice is even better);

3.Bus tickets (make sure the date, the itinerary and the price are visible on the ticket, if you can get an invoice it is better);

4.Private car transport and Taxi ( including Bla Bla car, uber and such) – will  not be reimbursed  doesn’t matter the reason you needed to use it.

5.Please note that additional services on your bookings won’t be reimbursed (extra leg room in the plane, checked in luggage  and adicional bags, reserved seats and etc)


Travel cost limits

UK- 275 euro 

Bulgaria - 0 euro 

Denmark -275 euro 

Romania - 180 euro 

Greece- 180 euro

Slovakia- 275 euro

Belgium - 275 euro 

Estonia- 275 euro 

Italy- 275 euro 

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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