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Digital Detox

Training Course

21-25 November 2023 | Jurmala, Latvia

Training course "Digital Detox" comes as a response to what we see in youth work, more and more young people are spending their time online, it has its perks but often comes with costs related to mental well-being.

Digital transformation is one of the priorities identified by the European Union, with the result that digital transformation is increasingly included in the various projects, training activities and other support measures implemented under the Erasmus Unions Erasmus + programme.

It is crucial to develop the overall digital competence of youth workers, as well as critical thinking and orientation in today's digital world, which is constantly changing and evolving. But with the development of the digital world, it's also important to look at ways to use the resources and opportunities so that they enrich us.

Along with the development of digitization, the total time spent on digital devices is also increasing, often reflected in feeling more disconnected, anxious, exhausted, and unable to focus and do everything as planned in day-to-day life.

Thus “Digital detox” course comes as a response to what we see in youth work, more and more young people are spending their time online, it has its perks but often comes with costs related to mental well-being. The main goal of this course is to explore ways to find and maintain a balance in living both in the offline and digital world, where we both can benefit from endless opportunities of digitalization without losing on what is inherently human- to connect and disconnect, rest, and engage our senses in the stories of the World.

This course will create space to explore:

  • The concept of Digital Detox and Digital Wellbeing
  • The role of technology in one's life.
  • The Benefits and the risks of technology
  • Some of technology's impact on mental health
  • A way to experience the benefits of an optimal tech-life balance: practice Digital Wellbeing in the training setup
  • Various practical tools and methods that support Digital Wellbeing in one's personal life and during youth work.

Target group: 20 youth workers, facilitators, mentors, and educators

The space: the course will be held in a Latvian seaside town with the idea of creating space for learning through connecting offline in nature walks, restful sauna talks, and meaningful sessions.

If you decide to apply, we expect you to be fully present during the course, so that you can immerse yourself in the experience of a digital detox as well as find ways to pass the inspiration, knowledge, and skills forward to the community you work with.

About the trainers:

Nora Taliga is a  learning experience designer and international trainer, bringing almost a decade of experience from the non-profit sector and from corporate learning & development. She is a certified Digital Wellness Educator by the Digital Wellness Institute. She also holds a certificate in emotional intelligence (EI) by Daniel Goleman's EI training company, Golemanei. Her mission is to inspire conscious and intentional digital actions for balanced personal- and community life, her current focus is on Digital Readiness and Digital Culture.

Ilze Jece has been working in the field of youth work and wellness for the past 20 years, crafting courses for the well-being of the people and the planet. Currently, she resides in Latvia and is pursuing her studies in psychology at the University of Latvia. Her current research ventures into the captivating realm of eco-emotions, delving into the fascinating interplay between human psychology and the intricate tapestry of environmental issues.


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Training overview


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This Training Course is

for up to 20 participants participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Volunteering mentors, Youth coaches, Facilitators, educators

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Agency for International Programs for Youth of Latvia (National Agency)

Contact for questions:

Kristina Klimovica


Phone: +371 67356284

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Participation fee

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