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Detect your essence, search your direction

Training Course

24-30 January 2016 | Antwerp, Belgium - FL

Detect Your Essence, Search Your Direction is a unique 7 days international training course. In a very interactive and innovative approach we guide youth workers to discover who they really are and which direction serves them best for their future plans.
The training course "Detect Your Essence, Search Your Direction" is useful for your personal development but will also serves the young people you work with. What you learned with us you can use on a personal and a professional level. After this training course you can better handle relationships, mainly because you know yourself better. The success of our approach is the non-formal learning: In this frame you, as a participant, are completely free to design your own personal learning process based on your own unique needs. This pro-active attitude provides the best results, because only you direct your own personal learning journey. You search your own way in the flow of the program framed by the trainers, and stimulated by the other participants. The trainers give structure by offering background theory, exercises, debriefings and personal coaching. We are working in a personal laboratory where everything is possible and you corporate completely on a voluntary base. Provided in a frame by the trainers you can create your own path for future plans. You’ll do this together with other motivated participants and stimulated by innovative, interactive methods and tools. Overall aim: The opportunity to reflect profoundly where you’re standing now and how you want to develop in your role as a youth worker. Objectives: • Create a better understanding and awareness of your potential and your choices by improving your natural resources. • Become (more) aware of how your inner life is reflected in your work behaviour, more aware of your interactions with colleagues and young persons, and more aware of old patterns. • To give attention to and to work around topics as shame, fear, vulnerability and confidence, curiosity and listening, loss, empathy, choose the right moment, responsibility in connection to your (professional) identity. • Discover, accept and include different sides of your personality to become more conscious of who you are. • Learn to consider crises and disturbing life's changing phases as new opportunities for development and inner growth and how to support young people in this process. Target group: People working with young persons in Ngos and public bodies. Our focus is on people’s passions, feelings and quests. The people in the group are the right people at that right moment. For this very interactive training course we only need your complete presence and commitment with the group. Only together as a group we can reach the ultimate personal achievement for every participant. If you want to know more about the trainers and the venue have a look in the "available download". Application deadline : 25 November 2015 Date of selection : 1 December 2015

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Training overview

This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 20 participants participants

from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Teachers

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Connected Elephant (NGO/Others)
Connected Elephant is an organization that is specialized in identity. An awareness and practical understanding of our own identity serves our relationships and transactions in life: like employability, participation, mental health, sexuality, European identity and integration...
Connected Elephant gives trainings and presentations, publish and coach.
Connected Elephant focus on 2 perspective: intensity/commitment and being different/being yourself.
Connected Elephant beliefs that you only can discover, develop and optimalise your talents if you are close to yourself and follow your passion.
Connected Elephant stands for connection with yourself, deep connections with individuals around you and in groups with different (European) backgrounds.

Contact for questions:

Dominique Verschuren


Phone: +32496973691


ATTENTION!! This training is not supported by the Erasmus+ programme. Participation fee will be 700 euro and includes: accommodation, food and the training course. Participants take care of their own travel expenses (no reimbursement).
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