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Dare to dream-Into the world. Competences for life

Training Course

4-12 November 2016 | Cyprus

This training course is about enabling young people to dare to dream and get into the world by utilizing their competences! A unique blend of thematic elements and methods to unlock youth's potential
The idea of this training course was born by doing a simple comparison between the potential of young people in EU and their reality. This is what we found out from this comparison: The tremendous potential of youth! • One in four European youth has been a volunteer • 50% of European youth are active in organization, club or association • The current generation of European youth is the best educated ever! The sad reality of youth… • Currently, 13,7 millions of European youth (between 15 and 29 years) remain out of employment, education or training ! When we saw this, we felt the need to do something about it. We envision a society where young people are able to transfer their potential and competences into practice, move from the place of acquiring to the place of applying, implementing and achieving. We are confident that this is time to support young people in order to “dare to dream and get into the world”! how to do it? By following these steps: 1. We, youth workers need to support youth to realize the competences they have and find ways to put them into practice, to apply them in real life for their personal and professional development and get into the world. 2. We also need to support youth to embrace a purpose in life, a direction that will guide them throughout their life and is relevant for their personal, professional and social development. All these are the elements we will tackle during the training course “Dare to dream – Into the world. Competences for life!” Aim and objectives The project aims to enhance the competences of the youth workers so that they support young people to exploit their experiences for personal, professional and social growth The objectives of the project are for youth workers 1. to gain knowledge related to the transferability of informal and non-formal learning into competences 2. to develop understanding why a life purpose is important especially for young people 3. to enhance their skills to guide the young people to use their experiences in order to find and pursue their purpose in life 4. to increase their motivation in supporting young people in using their competences (professionally and personally) 5. to develop a personal follow-up plan to use with the young people they work with

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This Training Course is

for 24 participants

from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders

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allaZOYME (Youth NGO)

We are an informal group of young people under the name „allaZOYME” (“we live, we progress”). Grammatically, “allaZOYME” derives from three Greek words, the one embracing the other. In reality it means “we change” but at the same time it encompasses in the change the idea of innovation and the idea of progressing. It illustrates that by experiencing new concepts, we change towards a sustainable, coherent and evolving living. “allaZOYME” is about moving forward, learning and choosing to pursue positive changes in our lives that will facilitate our development, improvement and progress. Every change is enriching. Yet “allaZOYME” does not imply progress of me and you only. It is about the whole society we live in. It is about envisioning a better world and striving to achieve it collectively.
Our group is inspired by the idea of enriching changes in society and is here to help achieve it. Our focus is young people because we believe in their potential and capacities of being the drivers of social change. At the moment the group involves 30 young people with diverse age range. Our team is composed of experienced youth workers but also very young people with dreams and vision for the future.

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Phone: +35799988486


The maximum amount of travel cost is indicated below. Please keep in mind that an amount of 10-15 euros will be deducted from the travel cost as indicated below in order to cover the transfer from the closest city to the venue (and back) by bus. Accommodation and food will be covered by the organizers. There is no participation fee :) Country - Maximum Travel cost allocated (in euros) Cyprus - 0 Romania - 275 Estonia - 360 Bulgaria - 275 Hungary - 275 Czech Republic - 360 Poland - 360 Italy - 360 France - 530 Portugal - 530

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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