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Creative Approach

Training Course

24-31 May 2014 | Cracow and Janowice/ Poland, Poland

An intensive week with lots of Creativity going on... This project is based on the idea that everybody is capable of being creative; the task is to discover your own creativity, train it and learn how to use it.
Project ”Creative Approach” was born on the basis of co-operation of people involved in projects related to non-formal education, youth-related projects, training for non-governmental organizations and issues of creativity. The project is designed to provide particiapants with tools and methods to make better use of their creativity potential by selecting interesting and innovative techniques. During the training, the person participating in it will have the opportunity to explore their internal capabilities in being creative. We will explore the barriers obstructing the full use of their creativity and learn how to combat them. The project is designed for those working with young people, working in non-governmental organizations, coaches, trainers and youth leaders. We want to enable our participants to enrich their workshop, expanded horizons, and to be able to use methods and knowledge from the training in their work with young people. During the training, we will use methods based on the principles of non-formal education, learning by experience by D.Kolb cycle and out-door methods. ”Creative Approach” is very rich in partnership. Altogether there are representatives of organisations from 10 European countries - which builds up the quality of intercultural and diverse aspects of the project. We're looking for participants from Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 23 participants

from Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Türkiye, United Kingdom

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, Volunteering mentors

Working language(s):



Teatr Nowy and The POLITES Association (Youth NGO)


Contact for questions:

Sławomir Muzioł

E-mail: slawomir.muziol@gmail.com


Phone: +48 694 975 299


The participants pay 30% of travel costs + participation fee: 35 EURO The costs of accomodation and food covered will be covered by the organisers. Travel costs will only be refunded after we receive all related tickets (including boarding passes). This means participants will have to advance the money themselves and they will only be reimbursed after their return trip. This might take up to 8 weeks after the TC (and counting only from the day we get the tickets, of course).

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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