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Count Me In

Training Course

10-18 July 2022 | Lebanon

COUNT ME IN training aims to enhance the competences of participants on the topics of inclusion and gender mainstreaming to start engaging in sport for inclusion projects bringing more youth from both side of Mediterranean to meet and exchange.

The call for participation in the "Count Me In" residential training in Lebanon is launched fot the second time, since it was not possible to implement the training previosuly due to the corona pandemic. 

COUNT ME IN residential training in Lebanon is part of the COUNT ME IN project which is a long term training course. The project started with an online training and now the call is open for participation in the residential training that will take place in Lebanon from 10 to 18 July 2022. The projects aims to enhance the competences of youth workers/coaches on the topic of inclusion and gender mainstreaming, and to encourage them in becoming active in the Erasmus+ Youth Programme and start engaging in sport for inclusion projects with each other, thus enhancing the cooperation that will bring more youth from both side of Mediterranean to meet and exchange. The consortium of the project includes educational, youth and sport institutions with experiences working with youth on sports, sports for development or youth work.

One of the main challenges they faced when working with young people is ensuring the participation and inclusion of under-privileged groups especially young girls and women from migrant and host communities. Gender mainstreaming is an important approach that helps organizations and youth workers in assessing their projects with gender lenses and in ensuring inclusion of marginalized groups especially young girls and women in sports projects and programmes.


  • Address facilitation skills and techniques in international youth non-formal education projects, with a focus on inclusion and gender;
  • Provide a space for participants to develop tools and methods to use in sports for development projects, to ensure inclusion and gender mainstreaming;
  • Strengthen networking between participants and support future partnerships on inclusive and gender sensitive sports for development projects within the Euromed context.

The training will include technical aspects of being a youth workers/coach in sports for development, will provide sessions about the concepts of inclusion and gender, will upscale the participants competencies in working on the mentioned topics in Euro-Mediterranean projects, and will engage the participants in the development of methods and tools that can be used to
ensure inclusion and gender mainstreaming in projects on local and international level.
Participants will also be engaged in developing partnerships on inclusive and gender
mainstreamed sports for development projects.The LTTC will provide participants a unique
opportunity to grow personally and professionally in intercultural and international groups through sharing, discovery and discussions.

As learning outcomes we are expecting:

  • Knowledge about activity design in youth work and its values
  • Design of gender sensitive activities in the youth field (in EuroMed cooperation) based on the values and principles of non formal e-learning and using sport as inclusive tool
  • Set an evidence based knowledge training based on mutual needs of learners, societies and promoters as defined in the set objectives
  • Being able to responds to the needs, competencies and the individuality of youth people being open to unexpected outcomes
  • Awareness about the added value of EuroMed cooperation and being able to transfer to the group of youth
  • Being able to understand the value of sport as an inclusive tool in youth work activities and being able to run activities that can involve both boys and girls.
  • Being able to identify and overcome the challenges of the EuroMed field - stronger self reflection about competencies and skills as a youth worker and willingness to upscale them in an ongoing learning path

Profile of participants

  • Youth workers using sports as educational activity and willing to develop inclusion strategies focusing on gender
  • Sport managers willing to improve their capacity to develop inclusion strategies
  • Professional and non professional coaches willing to work on inclusion and inclusion of young women throughout sport
  • Project managers involved in the field of sport for development



Information about training activities reaches SALTO from the most different directions. SALTO cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or changes in the training activities. However, please inform SALTO, whenever you should come upon incorrect data in the European Training Calender. Always contact the organisers of the training activities themselves for the latest information.

Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 23 participants

from Finland, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Türkiye

and recommended for

Youth workers, Sports managers, professional and non professional sport coaches, sports for development project managers

Working language(s):



I-Dare Italy (Youth NGO)


  • Chabibeh Club Lebanon (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Lama Zeinoun Tabet


Phone: +96170638977


Participation fee

No participation fee is required

Accommodation and food

Full board accomodation will be provided to all participants.

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs will be reimbursed based on the Erasmus Plus travel reimburement guidelines and limits set.

Participants from Spain up to 530 Euros

Participans from Turkey up to 275 Euros

Participants from Lebanon 0 (host will organize transportation to traning venue from a meeitng point to be decided on later)

Participants from Italy up to 360 Euros

Participants from Palestine up to 180 Euros

Participants from Morocco up to 530 Euros

Participants from Jordan up to 180 Euros

Participants from Finland up to 530 Euros

Participants from Hungary up to 275 Euros


Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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