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Beyond Boundaries – European perspectives on youth work as a democratic institution in preventing racism and discrimination


9 May 2018 | Dresden, Germany

What specific qualifications do youth workers require to confront right-wing populism, racism, sexism and homophobia? The event provides a forum for those with practical experience of dealing with discrimination to get impulses and exchange ideas.
It is not only in Germany that it has become more acceptable to express right-wing populist and anti-democratic positions and attitudes. The way they have been normalised represents a European challenge confronting personnel and projects involved in youth work internationally. Against this background the question of professionalism in the field of democratic education in youth work is gaining general significance. It is posed on both a macro social and a pan-European level. What specific qualifications do professionals in youth work require in order to confront right-wing populism, racism, sexism and homophobia? Which aspects are encompassed by their professional self-image and what role is played here by the structural conditions for youth work on the ground? And how can strategies and instruments that have proved successful in certain places be transferred successfully to other local contexts? The aim of the event is to provide a forum where those with practical experience of confronting the phenomena described can exchange ideas. It will take a look at international perspectives of developing theories about right-wing populism, racism and the dynamics of. At the same time, efforts to raise the potential and professional expertise of youth work on the European level are to be noted. The intended result is joint quality development and the linking of international and local approaches to democratic education and prevention in youth work. Since the event is aimed at a local and international audience, points will take place in German and English language. To ensure joint exchange of ideas translation will be provided.

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