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After the Maidan: Youth work & inclusion reality in Ukraine

Study Visit

21-26 May 2016 | Kyiv - Vinnitsa - Lviv, Ukraine

Aim of this study visit is to present experience of Ukrainian organisations in the sphere of inclusion. It will be an opportunity to understand better reality of youth work in Ukraine and to create partnerships for future cooperation.
Ukraine is a country that nowadays is undergoing difficult times: Maidan revolution brought political and economical turbulences, conflict with Russia over Crimea and its eastern territories lead to a permanent crisis. However these circumstances also lead to birth of self-consciousness of the nation and unprecedented civic activity and solidarity. We would like to give a chance to youth workers from Programme Countries and officers of National Agencies to explore the world of Ukrainian youth work, hoping that this experience will lead to better understanding of the reality in the country, breaking down stereotypes and will encourage to cooperation with local organisations. The topic of the study visit is INCLUSION: we will be meeting organisations working with youth facing various kinds of obstacles. A special focus will be put on internally displaced persons (IDPs) – right now over 1,3 million of former residents of Crimea and Donbas region are living outside of their homes and many organisations are dealing with this specific target group. During the event we will visit three beautiful cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Vinnitsa and Lviv . Comment regarding the safety: study visit will take be organized in central and western part of the country, in safe regions, over 700 km west from the conflict areas. PARTICIPANTS The study visit is open for youth workers, youth leaders and project managers – representatives of non-profit organisations, as well as for officers of National Agencies of Erasmus+. PARTICIPANTS PROFILE: - active youth workers, representatives of non-profit organisations, - representative of organization working on or willing to work on topic of inclusion; - representative of organization that is willing to start cooperation with or find new partners in Ukraine; - available to actively attend the full duration of the study visit (21 – 26.05); - able to communicate in English, the working language of the seminar.

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This Study Visit is

for 15-20 participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Officers of National Agencies

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SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus (SALTO Resource Centre)


  • Foundation for the Development of the Educational System (National Agency)

Contact for questions:

Małgorzata Pawłowska


Phone: +484630463

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs or SALTO involved in this project - except a participation fee which varies from call to call and country to country. Please contact your Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses. If you come from a country other than Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme Countries, please contact the host Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA for further information about the financial details. TCA budgetary year: 2015

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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