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5th Peace Revolution European Fellowship: 'Peace In + Peace Out = Sustainable World Peace'

Training Course

21-27 September 2014 | Lede, Belgium, Belgium - FL

The fifth successive European Fellowship will bring together youth workers and youth leaders from Europe who are interested in peace education and in learning and exploring self-development, in order to use new skills within their own youth work.
Aim: The European Fellowship aims to train young leaders, trainers and youth workers to learn skills which they can multiply in their own communities and use within their youth work as well as offering a space to meet with other youth workers who are passionate about peace, to share good practices. The fellowship will use meditation, workshops, yoga and other group activities for participants to explore the concept of self-development as a foundation of peace. Objectives: - To promote tools of non-violent communication and peace-building that can be applied to all cultures, religions and professions. - To explore meditation as a practice which can develop tools to deal with challenges within peace-building and youth work. - To explore the idea that self-development is a core foundation of world change and helping others. - To understand that cultivating inner qualities can be the foundation of creating compassion in society which leads to more benevolence and understanding within conflict situations. - To learn practical methods of stress management and ways to increase emotional intelligence. - To practice mindfulness during yoga and other group activities. - To build on participants’ progress after having participated in the online self-development programme. - To empower youth workers and to offer the space for them to create ideas to implement activities and events in their own communities. Application: 1. Register to the website and fill in the application form via the link (before the deadline) 2. Complete at least 21 days of the free online self-development programme found on the website, to learn the basics of meditation to prepare for the event (It is beneficial to start the SDP as soon as possible) www.peacerevolution.net/docs/en/self-development-program

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 30 - 40 participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers

Working language(s):



Peace Revolution (Youth NGO)

This will be the fifth successive European Fellowship, and one of over 15 fellowships which have taken place all over the world, including Thailand, Peru, Kenya and Senegal. The first Peace Revolution fellowship took place in Thailand in 2008 with only 10 international participants. Now, over 350 international youths have participated in our fellowships, and thousands of people worldwide are currently using the free online self-development programme (www.peacerevolution.net/docs/en/self-development-program).

Many of our former participants, known as ‘Peace Agents’, have gone on to implement this PIPO philosophy (Peace In + Peace Out = Sustainable World Peace) to organise meditation events in their own communities, including Egypt, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, Bolivia and many more which you can check out here: www.peacerevolution.net/docs/en/the-pipo-on-demand

Peace Revolution is creating a new “paradigm shift” intent on redirecting and refocusing all of our personal priorities from an outward search to an inward quest designed to discover and cultivate a lasting, self-sustaining happiness. Through this, we open powerful, exciting and limitless new horizons of personal development. Through inner transformation we can consequently create real world transformation, and can become living examples. More importantly, we grow to be “Humane Change Agents” affecting both directly and indirectly everything around us in a most positive way.

Contact for questions:

Manuela Puscas


Phone: -


-Free food -Free accommodation -Free retreat fee -50% of flight costs covered - Participants MUST complete at least 21 days of the free on-line 'Self-Development Programme' in order to be eligible: www.peacerevolution.net/docs/en/self-development-program
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