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You can apply for this training via SALTO Online Applications, but you should check with your National Agency before you apply:

This is a co-operation project between different National Agencies (NAs) and possibly also a SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centre (SALTO). Before you apply you should check with the NA of your residence country if it is involved in this particular project and would be ready to support any candidate (incl. to cover travel costs of selected participant(s) from your country). The NA of your country will pre-select the applicants from your country; the hosting NA will fine-tune the list of participants and inform all applicants about the selection result. SALTO and/or the host NA select the applicants from countries other than Programme Countries.

The organizer of this training left the following annotations for the application procedure:

The National Agency in your own country will make the pre-selection of participants. If you have questions about the selection, please contact the Erasmus+ Youth National Agency in your home country.

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