Solidarity Advisory Group

Get to know our Advisory Group. The group was established in 2019 and supports the work of the Resource Centre.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” an African proverb says. Here you can find resource persons who works for and with solidarity. From practitioners to researchers and decision makers, this group provides a space whereknowledge about solidarity is produced and shared.

Why this group?

The Advisory Group strategically reflects on developments in the European Solidarity Corps programme, shares expertise, proposes priorities, creates synergies and defines challenges. Furthermore, it supports the advocacy work of the Resource Centre. The main objective of the Expert Group is to define relevant strategic approaches to support the implementation of the Solidarity Corps and to foster its further development.

Who is here?

The Advisory Group is composed of about 20 people. The group members include  different stakeholders (from within and outside of the youth sector) relevant to the European Solidarity Corps Programme.

Where can you find us?

Please contact us if you feel that the members of this group could be of assistance to you. We are here to offer guidance and support.

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