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Solidarity is one of the universal values on which the European Union is built.

Through solidarity, we can make a meaningful contribution to society. It can be understood as a sense of responsibility of everyone towards everyone, a commitment to the common good which is expressed through concrete actions without expecting anything in return.

Through solidarity society is equipped to face societal challenges while addressing the needs of local communities. The notion of solidarity is linked with the concept of generosity, but also to reciprocity and responsibility.

One of the main priorities of our work as Resource Centre is to contribute to discussion around the concept of Solidarity within the Solidarity Corps Programme and beyond. We aim to stimulate thinking about solidarity, it´s relevance in Europe and in international youth work and hope to motivate actors to engage and act in solidarity in, with and through their projects.

Please find here documents, material and videos connected to solidarity!

Download Reports and other documents
Image "4Thoughts for Solidarity"(by Snežana Bačlija Knoch and Susie Nicodemi)
Summary of "4Thoughts for Solidarity"
USE Your Hands to Move Ahead 2.0 (by SALTO I&D and SALTO ESC)
"Showing Solidarity for ..."
Thematic Priorities in the European Solidarity Corps Programme
"Showing Solidarity with ..."
Insights in good quality projects funded by the European Solidarity Corps Programme (by Dan Moxon)
Download images and pictures
"Common ground on solidarity in a picture" (by Coline Robins)
"The long way to the common ground on solidartiy in a picture" (by Coline Robins)
Solidarity in the European Solidarity Corps (by European solidarity Corps RC)
Connecting solidarity (by European solidarity Corps RC)
Where solidarity can happen (by European solidarity Corps RC)
What is solidarity in youth work about? (by European solidarity Corps RC)
Sustainability and solidarity (by European solidarity Corps RC)
Inclusion dimension in solidarity (by European solidarity Corps RC)
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