Implementation of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme in the Programme's Partner Countries in the Western Balkans

As preparations for the new generation of EU youth programmes are ongoing, it is important to see how the current Programmes have been implemented and what we can learn for the future.

SALTO SEE has investigated how Erasmus+: Youth in Action has been implemented in the Programme’s partner countries in the Western Balkans, what are the trends and how they can be explained. The new study includes recommendations for measures that could further support the cooperation with this region within the EU youth programmes and ensure that they remain relevant and accessible for the organisations that would like to use it.

The study is addressed to all institutions and organisations involved in the development and implementation of the EU youth programmes in and with the partner countries of the Western Balkan region.

Main outcomes and conclusions as well as recommendations for measures that can contribute to moving ahead are presented in the publication

More detailed information can be found in the reports of the different parts of the study, which can be downloaded here:

Survey Analysis Report

Focus Groups Report

Policy Review

Selected Data

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