Youth Work & Employability seminar 2011

The seminar will bring together decison makers, experts and youth workers togheter to review the role of youth work and competences acquirement to enhance employability of young people.

Dates and Venue:

28-29 April, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Organised by:

Slovenian NA, with the support of SALTO Inclusion


Download here the seminars' report!


The aim of the seminar is to review the role of youth work and competences acquirement to enhance employability of young people, with an emphasis on non-formal learning in learning mobility programmes.

Questions to refer to at the seminar:

  • How can youth work help to tackle the issue of unemployment among young people?
  • If youth work should help resolve unemployment among young people, does that mean it is being recognised? Is professionalization of youth work needed in order for it to perform this task?
  • How can youth work be further supported in order to deliver results?
  • How to further increase the non-formal learning within youth work?
  • What is the added value of international youth work in terms of increasing employability of young people?
  • How is learning mobility increasing working mobility?
  • What would youth workers need from decision makers?
  • What would decision makers need from youth workers?

Basic goals of the activity and possible outcomes:

  • to respond to the challenges, that have been brought by new EU youth strategy to youth work in the context of learning
  • to identify and present good practice examples (actions on policies and Youth in action projects, which enhance employability of young people)
  • to identify the position and the role of non-formal learning in the frame of key competences for better transition to labour market
  • to produce long-lasting results, such as publication with guidelines: Guidelines about what type of cooperation between the different stakeholders is beneficial for young people's employment chances (e.g. micro-scale projects and close cooperation with employment sector and policy/funding), evidence based youth work initiatives (use research to make employment of YP more effective), involve practitioners into policy making to have the policies most adapted to the reality, take away barriers to employment intitiatives (eg funding, hassle free, ...), learn from each other (exchange good practice).
  • to make participants understand more the needs of other stakeholders and understand what they can contribute to the employability (getting a job) of young people. Who needs what from whom - to get young people into jobs.

    Participants of the seminar:

  • Decision makers / experts (employment and/or youth sector)
  • Youth workers
  • Researchers
  • Trainers team

The trainers team will be composed of 3 trainers (plus National Agency staff).

  • Matej Cepin, Slovenia
  • Ansgar Bueter-Menke, Germany
  • Andreia Henriques, Portugal
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