TC Youth @ Work 2013

Youth in Action as a tool for youth employment. An international training course organised by the Turkish YiA national agency and SALTO Inclusion.

Dates and venue

  • from 21 April (arrival day) to 27 April (departure day) 2013
  • in Istanbul, Turkey

Aims & objectives

The Youth @ Work course aimed to raise the potential of youth work to improve the chances of young people in their professional life.

Objectives of the course

  • Understand un/employment role of youth work in giving youth better changes on labor market /in their professional life
  • Exploring potential and limitations of youth work towards young peoples chances in professional life
  • Sharing experiences / realities learn from that experiences
  • Operationalise how to improve young people’s chances on labor market

Programme elements

  • Vocabulary and essenctials of the world of work (employment, unemployment , labor market, business, etc.)
  • Trends, tensions and strategies on youth employment in Europe
  • Youth work approach on youth employment: non-formal education, Youth in Action, Youthpass and their effect on youth employment
  • Learning refelctions on project practices from different European countries
  • Intercultural learning & multicultural partnership
  • Youth in Action programme and project planning


The course was intended for young people (18+), youth workers and youth leaders who:

  • have experience of at least one year in youth field (as volunteers or professionals) and in developing projects with and for young people;
  • are committed to work directly with youth on the issues related to the training (youth employment);
  • have basic knowledge of the Youth in Action programme and interests in developing international projects;
  • are motivated to take active part in the training and are able to attend the course for its full duration;
  • are residents in a member state of the EU, EFTA countries or EU candidate countries
  • are able to work in English.

Approach & methods

The learning process was based on intrinsic motivation of the learner. The methods used were learner-centered and based on the experience of the participants. Participants had a big personal responsibility for learning, supported by a strong group dimension and collective approach.

The youth@work course enabled participants to apply and transfer what they have learned to their youth work, practice and social life. The course took into account the needs and motivation of participants and was open to regular feedback and evaluations.

In the setting, the group process, the content and the methodology of the training activities, the focus was put on participation, active involvement, sharing of thoughts and feelings, learning by doing, group work and the intercultural dimension. Creativity & variety of the methods were important in our approach.

Main methodologies were learning by experiencing, intercultural communication, reflective approach and the educational approach. The intercultural setting was an overall educational approach during the training as working/living/leisure experience

Trainers team

The trainers team was composed of 3 trainers (plus National Agency staff).

  • Tugba Cansali, Turkey
  • Volkan Muderrisoglu, Turkey
  • Ülly Enn, Estonia

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  • TC Youth @ Work prep team: Ülly, Volkan & Tugba

    TC Youth @ Work prep team: Ülly, Volkan & Tugba

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