Multicultural Urban Solutions Training Course

How to manage diversity in youth work in (sub)urban areas?


Date & venue

  • From 21 to 26 May 2013
  • Live training course in Konstancin-Jeziorna (in the neighbourhood of Warsaw), Poland - virtually on blog and Twitter #tcMUST hashtag.


Multicultural Urban Solutions TC was continuation of the Urban Solutions Seminar, that took place in Birmingham in May 2012. Importance of developing youth worker's skills in managing diversity in the city, was raised as one of the issues that requests to be worked further on.

Aims of the seminar

  • to reflect, discus and learn more about challenges in youth work in urban areas connected with multiculturalism
  • to analyse the role of youth work in inclusion of young people living in the (sub)urban areas into YiA activities
  • to gain/develop new knowledge and skills in managing diversity in youth work in (sub)urban areas
  • to find practical ideas and tools how to prevent discrimination.

Participants exchanged their experience and share good practice. Short study visits in local organizations are also foreseen. Social media was used: live blog, pictures, audio, video, etc. to link with outside world.

Outcomes & Evaluation

  • “My knowledge and interest in managing diversity or inclusion of young people living in (sub) urban areas was weak, but after this activity my thoughts and ideas changed completely.”
  • “I hadn’t known the participants, Warsaw and solutions for problems of youth in suburban areas. But I feel myself well equipped.”
  • “I met some experienced people who shared their experience with us, there were participants with little knowledge of YiA programs or projects itself but we all helped/thought each other and enjoyed during TC”
  • Those are just some important issues & ideas that MUST participants took home. To find more what did they learn and how did they experience Multicultural Urban Solutions Training Course, download here the evaluation summary!
  • TC MUST, via Twitter #tcMUST, actively reached out to involve more people in the discussions via our live blog at the training course - where you can still consult all shared diversity/urban resources:
  • All intrested in could also stay updated via the SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Facebook page:
  • The participants had a chance to discover a local reality by visiting some very inspiring local/youth/art/ and cultural organisations.
  • The professional social media team also made a short video documenting the process: watch here!

Who was there - Participants' profile

The seminar brought together 19 participants, directly working with urban youth:

  • who have experience in youth work;
  • who have an interest in discovering intercultural and interreligious aspects of youth work;
  • who feel confident to express themselves in English;
  • who are committed to attend for the full duration of the course
  • at least 18 years old
  • residents of the ‘Youth in Action’ Programme Countries and SEE and EECA region


The "Multicultural Urban Solutions TC" was organised by the Polish national agencies for the Youth in Action programme in cooperation with SALTO Inclusion, SALTO Cultural Diversity and the UK NA.

The organising team was composed of 2 trainers, 2 social media staff and SALTO and National Agency staff.

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