Doors Wide Open 2008 - Outdoor & Youth at Risk

An intense and intensive training course for youth & social workers working DIRECTLY with young people 'at risk' - about how to use Outdoor methods and experiential learning to work with this vulnerable target group.


This Training Course was organised by Jint (the Flemish Belgian National Agency of the Youth in Action programme) in cooperation with Nature (a Flemish youth & outdoor organisation) and the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre.


Dates & Venue


  • This training course took place in Olloy-sur-Viroin in South Belgium from 10 till 16 March 2008.

Aims & Objectives


  • To explore and analyse how outdoor methods can be used to work with "young people at risk of exclusion"

More concretely:


  • to explore the benefits of outdoor activities for youth at risk
  • To improve the skills of youth workers working with youth at risk in experiential learning and outdoor methods
  • to get more insight in the theory of experiential learning, reflection techniques and group dynamics
  • to share best practices on outdoor methods for youth at risk and how this contributes to the personal and social skills of your youngsters
  • to link the experiences of the TC to the daily work situation at home by working out future action plans
  • to explore how each of the participants works with youth at risk in his/her own working environment
  • to explore how the Youth in Action Programme can be a tool for social inclusion for youth at risk



There were 24 participants at the course.


Team of Trainers


  • Henk Persyn
  • Nele Steeno
  • Inez Adriaensen & Liezelot Simoens (coordinating team)
  • Tony Geudens (coordinating team)



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