Seminar on Youthpass and Inclusion 2009

A Reflection Seminar on the recognition and use of non-formal learning contexts, more in particular, Youthpass, for and by young people with fewer opportunities within the Youth in Action programme.


Let's Youth-pass it on for all!


  • Do you work with young people with fewer opportunities (YPWFO) and use the Youth in Action Programme for international and intercultural experiences and learning?
  • Do the words "Youthpass" and "Inclusion" ring a bell for you?
  • Do you support young people to focus on their learning using competence-based approaches ?
  • Are you interested in sharing your point of view on the developments around the recognition of non-formal learning, especially for YWFOP, with other people from all over Europe?
  • Do you want to contribute to the exploration and developmentof these topics for the direct benefit of YWFOP?

The recognition of non-formal learning and of different approaches and instruments to give and to get recognition are treated with respect and great importance by both European and national institutions. A special focus on this topic is needed for young people with fewer opportunities.


Youthpass is the validation instrument of the Youth in Action Programme. Youthpass was developed to foster recognition of individual learning outcomes, social recognition of youth work and to improve the employability and active participation of young people. Using in Youth in Action activities offer possibilities to raise quality of activities and to reflect on personal learning.

The Estonian, French and Irish National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme, in cooperation with the SALTO Inclusion and Training and Cooperation Resource Centres, invite you to discuss, develop and reflect on the recognition of non-formal learning with a specific focus on the use of Youthpass for YPWFO within Youth in Action.


Aim and objectives


This seminar aims to explore the recognition of non-formal learning for YPWFO and will focus on using Youthpass as the tool for recognition of non-formal learning within the Youth in Action Programme.


Specific objectives of the seminar include:


  • To learn how to increase and improve the use of Youthpass for YPWFO within Youth in Action activities
  • To exchange good practises in using Youthpass as well as other recognition tools
  • To explore and discuss the educational implications of a competence-based approach with YPWFO within Youth in Action
  • To explore and discuss the need for more or better recognition of non-formal learning for YPWFO on different levels
  • To collect arguments to further promote the recognition of non-formal learning for YPWFO inside and outside Youth in Action
  • To develop recommendations on the recognition of non-formal learning and Youthpass for organisations, National Agencies, SALTO's and the European Commission.

During the seminar you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experience to accompany young people in their learning. There will be the time to explore the challenges and opportunities related to the recognition of non-formal learning. Expert inputs will be used to look at both the theoretical and practical applications of competence-based approaches for YPWFO.


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Target group


  • experienced people from organisations dealing with Inclusion topics and working with YPWFO and the YiA Programme
  • Youth workers with experience in competence-based approaches or in monitoring the learning of young people
  • Direct experience in implementing Youthpass with YPWFO
  • Participants will be expected to follow-up on the outcomes of the seminar on national level.



Dates and place


  • WHEN: This seminar will take place from Monday 18 May (arrival day) to Friday 22 May 2009 (departure day) (3 working days +1 arrival day +1 departure day)
  • WHERE: in the accomodation of INJEP, France (Marly-le-Roi).

Application and Selection Procedure


This seminar has not an open call.


If you wish to participate, please contact your National Agency of the Youth in Action, who will send you the necessary information.


Working language


The working language of the seminar will be English.


Costs & Practicalities


Costs for board and lodging for all participants will be covered by the hosting National Agencies.


If you are coming from a programme country: Travel costs will be covered by your National Agency. Please contact your National Agency for important information on a possible participation fee.

If you are coming form a neighbouring partner country: The French NA is offering six places for participants from neighbouring partner countries. Travel costs for these participants will be covered the French NA.


More information needed?


  • About the seminar? Contact from the French National Agency.
  • On Inclusion topics in general? Contact SALTO Inclusion RC,
  • About Youthpass? Contact SALTO Training and Cooperation RC,



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