Seminar iNEETiative - Holistic Approach to Youth at Risk and in NEET situation

A stakeholder seminar on NEET practices and how to create better opportunities for this vulnerable group on their pathway to active involvement in society and integration into the labour market.

Report & Evaluation

  • "The specific examples really inspired me to work on it back home."
  • "I realised that cross-sectoral cooperation is the key!"
  • "The diversity amongst the participants helped me to understand and appreciate."
  • "I have several ideas to bring back with me in order to collaborate better with other sectors."
  • "The things we have discussed and networks we established are really practical and potential of future collaboration."

To find more about what did participants learn and how did they experience "iNEETiative" Seminar, download here report and evaluation summary!

Date & venue

  • 19 - 23 May 2015, 3 working days
  • Romania


Seminar "iNEETiative - Holistic Approach to Youth at Risk and in NEET situationis" was part of the SALTO Inclusion a longer-term strategic approach to reach these disenfranchised young people who are excluded from the system and see how we can reconnect them to society and improve their opportunities in life.

The first cross-sectorial seminar on youth at risk and in NEET situation took place in October 2014, in Finland and was focused on gaining a better understanding of NEET terminology, concepts etc.

“iNEETiative” seminar brought together 32 different stakeholders (formal, non-normal, social & business sector) to explore methods to intervene and reach out to youth at risk and in NEET situation.

Seminar will be followed up by the training on cross-sectorial project development in the second half of 2015.

Aim of the seminar

To promote sustainable cooperation between professionals from different sectors in order to create better opportunities for young people in a NEET situation to enable their active involvement in society and integration into the labour market.

Main Objectives:

  • To get to know different national & cross-sectoral realities (policies, practices, understanding of NEET)
  • To share & analyse good practices and identify the underlining success criteria
  • To analyse the role of different stakeholders  
  • To exchange possible ways of working together and stimulate cross-sectoral cooperation
  • To get information about Erasmus+ programme and other funding possibilities


Take a look at the programme, by clicking here!

Participants' profile

32 profesionals with experience working on the issue of vulnerable young people in NEET situations (face-to-face workers as well as managers/decision makers).

  • Youth workers
  • Teachers, school support staff, alternative education staff, vocational programme staff,…
  • Social workers, representatives of social services
  • Researchers, academics with focus on NEET
  • Local authorities/policy makers responsible for social provision
  • Employers, apprenticeships programmes, employment agencies, job centres, job clubs, job coaches…


Seminar "iNEETiative - Holistic Approach to Youth at Risk and in NEET situation" was co-organised by SALTO Inclusion and the Romanian National Agency for the E+ programme.

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