TC Unemployment 2009

A Training Course for youth workers working on unemployment among youth - about how European Youth in Action projects can be used as tool to improve the access of young people with fewer opportunities to the labour market.

Dates & Venue

The TC took place from 7-13 June 2009 in Guimarães, Portugal (hosted by the Portuguese NA).


To explore ways to use the Youth in Action programme to raise young people's key competences and their access to the labour market.

Outcomes & Evaluation

A concrete outcome of the course is the practical Working on Work which documents all ideas and concepts from the course > Download it here

The course gave participants the opportunity to develop projects with the support of their peers and the team. 6 months after the course:

  • 50% of participants has developed one or more projects
  • 36% of participants received Youth in Action funding for their project
  • 36% of the projects are organised with partner organisations found on the TC Unemployment
  • Also have a look at the TC Unemployment Video on Youtube

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There were 26 participants (17F/9M, from 16 countries) in this training course.

Trainers' team

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Additional reading

The European Youth Forum has contributed with the Symposium on Youth Employment. 2008, France. Report

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  • (1 = lowest, 6 = highest)(1 = lowest, 6 = highest)
  • (1 = lowest, 6 = highest)(1 = lowest, 6 = highest)
  • Slogan of the TC in co-operation with Loesje InternationalSlogan of the TC in co-operation
    with Loesje International
  • The team of TC Unemployment The team of TC Unemployment


The following downloads are available:

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