SALTO TC Image Building for Inclusion Groups 2008

A Training Course for youth workers working with young people with fewer opportunities - about how European Youth in Action projects can be used as a tool to improve the image of different inclusion groups.

The SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre organised this 'TC Image' in co-operation with the Hungarian National Agency of the Youth in Action programme.

Dates & Venue


The SALTO TC Image aimed to to train youth workers to use (inter)national (Youth in Action) youth projects to build a positive image for the groups of "young people with fewer opportunities" they are working with.

Outcomes and Impact

  • Have a look at the funny 2min video compiled by a participant. The theme of the TC Image was 'SuperHeroes': the participants were students at the SuperHeroAcademy and learned to fight exclusion and negative images of inclusion groups...

Image Building Booklet

SALTO Inclusion published an educational booklet "Images in Action" based on the TC Image course, so that more youth workers than only the 25 lucky ones at the course can benefit from all the positive image building ideas.

The booklet is part of the SALTO Inclusion for All series of practical youth work manuals. Download the booklet here.

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What did people say in the end of the training...

Projects after the course

At the end of the TC Image, the participants were asked if they had gotten any project ideas at the course.

  • No less than 95% of the participants had concrete project ideas after the course.
  • 73% of these project ideas were Youth in Action projects - 9% were other project ideas - the rest didn't know yet.
  • when asking about project partners, 65% of participants said they found partners at the TC image

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...and how do they see the impact 6 months later?

As a general practice, SALTO Inclusion is carrying out a continuous evaluation procedure, involving pre-, post- and follow-up questionnaires to study and communicate the impact of the training courses. This has also taken place for the TC Image and following is the summary of the results of follow-up evaluation. A big thank you to all participants who contributed!

  • 100% of participants say that the training had an impact on their work: 13% estimate it as large impact, 60% as medium impact and 27% as small impact.
  • 80% of participants say that the training has had an impact in personal terms
  • 73% of participants have developed projects after the training course.

It is also important that all participants (100%) say they have reused the methods from the training course in their work.

And it all in their own words:

"It was one of the best, effective training course which I have ever participated. The style which trainers used and environment for course was very good. I learned lots of new things so thank you for that."

"The course gave me a lot of confidence to use the media to make my projects visible and I am very happy with the amount of visibility I was given."

"It was inspiring for me. My target group are children from child care institutions and there are many prejudicies and stereotypes about this people. Image building is basic activity hand in hand with integration and with inclusive activities in general."

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In total 76 participants applied. 25 participants from 15 different countries were selected. There were 7 men and 18 women. 4 participants came from 'pre-accession countries' and 1 from Switzerland.

Team of Trainers

The SALTO TC Image will be run by 3 experienced trainers (1 training-editor)

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