Focus on Youth Employment - European good practice projects

Get inspired by this collection of European Youth in Action projects that give young people better employment chances (2012).

One in five young people in Europe cannot find a job. The lack of quality employment opportunities threatens an increasing number of young people with a sense of exclusion. The transition from education to independence and a place in the world of work is becoming longer and more precarious. And those with the fewest skills or the fewest opportunities are most at risk.

There is not single remedy, but there is a need for wide-ranging efforts to seek solutions. Youth in Action is a valuable part of these efforts, with its focus on learning through experience. This EU programme challenges young people by presenting them with novel environments - other countries, languages or cultures, new ways of working, or new demands on their abilities to organise themselves and to make plans and carry them out.

This brochure gives some examples of how non-formal learning and the Youth in Action programme contribute to building up young people's knowledge and skills, and give them a glimpse of what it requires to seek and hold down a job or to become and entrepreneur. It makes them more employable.

  • Focus on Youth Employment (COM)

    Focus on Youth Employment (COM)


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