Tools for Learning in EuroMed

The seminar will be the follow up of the International Tool Fair oraganised in Venice in 2010 by Italian National Agency and SALTO NETWORK in cooperation with the working group of National Agencies and experts. The seminar will be held in the framework of Tools for learning Working group and of European Training Strategy.

This seminar will provide participants opportunity to share and reflect about the logical framework of non formal education, the educational tool and cultural/educational specificities.

This event will be a unique opportunity for trainers and social workers to reflect about their practises and to innovate their methods, but also to explore the quality in educational tools.

During the event, the organisers will be able to identify possible candidates for Tool Fair and reflect about the opportunity for National Tool Fair.


Aims and objectives:

- to support the development of quality educational tools;

- to increase the training’s tool within EuroMed framework;

- to contribute to the overall reflection about the European Training Strategy;

- to facilitate a creative process among trainers, social workers and instutitions;

- to reflect about the cultural and social background  in creating and developing tools for learning and training cycle;

Target group:

This event will gather together trainers and social workers to discuss and improve their competencies in developing educational tools targeted to EuroMed area

Working language:


Working days:

5 days (7 including the travel)


10/12/2012 to 15/12/2012






The training course is organised by the Italian National Agency for the YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME in cooperation with SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre.

Boarding and loadging will be covered by the Hosting National Agency.

Travel cost for Programme Countries will be covered by the Sending National Agency.

Travel cost of Meda Countries will be covered up to 80% by Hosting National Agency

Deadline for application:




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