LTTC : Go Green

Why “Go Green” LTTC about Sport and Sustainable Development?

2012 is the Year of Olympics Game in UK and there is an interesting process about the preparation of the venue following sustainability as mainstream.

But not only, after Summit in 1992 in Rio and in 2002 in Johannesburg, the theme of sustainable development is more and more remarkable.

Citizens, association, communities and enterprises are developing more in more initiatives for preserving the planet and building a more sustainable development.

The sustainable development is the condition for long lasting sport!

Go Green” is a Long Term Training course that will take place in Tunisia (2012) and in Russia (2013).  “Go Green” will gather together participants from Programme Countries, MEDA and EECA Region.

Aims and objectives

The LTTC “Go Green” aims to anchor the sustainable development into the sport.

The LTTC “Go Green” has as objectives:

-         to reinforce the exchange of practise among participants;

-         To share the tools for learning mixing sustainable development and sport;

-         To gathering together participants from neighbouring countries and programme countries about a sensitive topic;

-         To experiment a long term training experience and coaching;

-         To develop innovative projects and sustainable partnerships about the LTTC topic.

“Go Green” is a long term training course (N°2 - "SUPPORTING LEARNING: LONG TERM TRAINING COURSE IN EUROMED" focus on developing a cooperation strategy based on Action 4.3.

The LTTC is based on 4 phase:

1)    On line preparation before the 1st training;

2)    1st Training in July in Tunisia;

3)    Coaching phase based on development of projects and partnerships;

4)    June/July 2013: 2nd meeting for evaluate and renforce the learning.

Target group

-         NGOs, Associations’ representatives from Programme Countries, MEDA and EECA Regions with experience in Youth in Action and EuroMed Programmes;

-         NGOs, Associations’ representatives with experience in and about youth field and international youth projects;

-         NGOs, Associations’ representatives able to work in English

-         NGOs, Associations’ representatives want to development a long term strategy and projects about the theme of Sustainable Development and Sport.

Working language



(day of arrival) 1/07/2012 to 08/07/2012 (day of departure)


Arrival at TUNIS Airport


“Go Green” is a cooperation activity between SALTO EUROMED, SALTO EECA, four National Agencies (France, UK, Italy, Poland) with the support of Tunisian EMYU and the Ministry of Education and Sport.

Boarding and loadging

The lodging, board and local transportation will be provided by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Republic of Tunisia.

Travel cost

For EU participant, travel will be covered by their sending national agency

For MEDA and EECA participants, travel costs will be covered by the organisers

Deadline for application


Application on line


The following downloads are available:

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