Support for Ukrainian youth workers and trainers who remain in European Union during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The network of SALTO Resource Centres is ready to offer support and meaningful engagement for the Ukrainian youth workers and trainers who found refuge in the European Union.

While public authorities and local organisations, with support of individual citizens of the EU, are engaged in securing the basic needs of refugees from the territory of Ukraine, the network of SALTO Resource Centers prepared its own response to the crisis that touched the Ukrainian society.

We would like to engage youth workers and youth trainers from Ukraine who are currently in need, into a paid consultation service. The goal of the consultations is reflection and conceptualisation on how the European youth programmes and the European youth work community can and should answer to the new needs that appeared as a result of war in Ukraine in both, short- and long-term perspectives. What is more, this involvement can offer a financial support to those who left everything behind in their homes. 

Details of each engagement will be established in communication between interested youth worker/trainer and the hosting SALTO Resource Centre, with support of SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus.

If you would like to contribute to our work and take part in the consultations please contact us at Please introduce yourself, write a bit of your youth work background and your current situation as well as few words, how you can contribute to the consultation process mentioned above.


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