Seminar / Conference
4-9 November 2013 | Delphi, Greece

We are happy to announce that the Tool Fair goes to DELPHI.The 8th edition of the Tool Fair continues with a concept which is well-known in the youth field, offering an exciting combination of “laboratory” and “market” experience of tools for learning.


Participating in the Tool Fair VIII will offer you the chance to shape your own educational and experiential pathway, to run a workshop, to share your tools for learning with colleagues from international level as well as to participate in workshops run by others. However, beyond merely experiencing a wide variety of tools for learning, the Tool Fair aims to provide a space to reflect on tools, give and receive feedback and pave the way for their transferability and further development.

This way, the Tool Fair VIII aims to contribute not only to the learning outcomes of each individual participant but also to the quality of tools for learning and learning process on the European level, complementing SALTO-YOUTH Toolbox for Training and Youth Work ( and various publications on educational tools, in coherence with the European Training Strategy.

The Fair will take place at the European Cultural Center in Delphi. The venue is a unique historical environment for developing the VIIIth edition of the Tool Fair.

Tool Fair VIII will have as aims :

•    To share, experiment, discuss and further develop tools for learning ;
•    To shape own educational and experiential pathways, by facilitating and attending workshops;
•    To celebrate and asses the process of the Tool Fairs and the Learning Strategy;
•    To experience graphic reporting in order to strengthen awareness of learning experiences.

This year the Tool Fair sparkles with

•    Creativity and Social Changes are essential elements of European youth programmes and international co-operation in youth field specifically. What about tools to reinforce all this?
•    What about Creativity and Social Changes as crosscutting topic and approach in the youth work and youth projects? 
•    Where are the potentials to use creativity to foster cross-sectoral approach when addressing youth related issues?
•    What about some shared values, aims, attitudes and practices related to educational tools in European youth field? What about challenges to relate yourself to 'new' tools or understand what is behind the tool?

We hope that all this will serve as thematic inspiration for the Tool Fair but not necessarily limit us only to the tools directly related to culture. 
Besides, the Tool Fair will take place in Delphi, which is a very inspiring historical venue in the path of ancient Greece and this will have a very important influence in the programme development.

Target group:
Educational practitioners in European youth field: trainers, youth workers and youth leaders, youth project managers, NA representatives, youth policy makers etc active in the youth field in general and more specifically within the Youth in Action Programme. We welcome participants who have created an educational tool and/or are willing to share and further develop their tools –together with colleagues- during the Tool Fair. 
Tool Fair 2013 welcomes approx 150 participants from YIA Programme countries and MEDA, SEE, EECA Partner countries.

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