16-21 November 2010 Venice, Italy

A tool is only asgood as
the skills of thecraftsman/woman
using it!

Aims and Objectives

The Tool Fair is at its 5th edition. Gathering the experiences of the previous editions hosted in France, Turkey, Spain and Portugal, the Tool Fair 5 in Italy has the aim to reinforce and to improve its effects on tools and participants. Tool Fair is becoming a crucial element of a long term strategy on tools development for non formal learning. For these reasons the format will be absolutely confirmed, focusing on key elements such as preparation, communication and support for a relevant commitment of participants.

Strategical objectives

  • To further develop the quality of tools, according to the quality criteria of the overall tools strategy, with special focus on feedback for the tools as such and for their transferability
  • To further develop the meaning and implications of tools within non formal education
  • To contribute through the TF to the overall SALTO strategy on tools quality development

Educational objectives

  • To give space to participants to share and experience educational tools developed within the YiA program
  • To engage participants in the further development of educational tools
  • To challenge and inspire the educational practice of participants so that they feel ready to apply back home the learning outcomes of the Tool Fair

Working language: English


Target Group


Educational practitioners: trainers, youth workers, youth leaders, NAs representatives... active in the youth field in general and more specifically within the Youth in Action Programme (young people, and the EUROMED YOUTH IV Programme) who created an "educational tool" and who have the willing to share and further develop it -together with other colleagues- during the Tool Fair.


  • Readiness to share and run an educational tool (see its "definition" above)
  • Motivated to fully participate in the overall process of the Tool Fair with different roles: at times leading a session, at times participating, at times contributing with feedback...
  • Committed to transfer back home the learning outcomes of the Tool Fair

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