1-5 November 2006 INJEP, Marly le Roi, France

2006 was the end of the YOUTH programme. We wanted to take this opportunity to valorise what has been achieved during these 6 years in terms of creation of new tools for non-formal education.


The "Tool Fair" gathered 120 people coming from both programme and partner countries, all stakeholders of the YOUTH programme: young people, youth workers, trainers, etc.

In one place, for 3 days, the Fair was a "showroom" for the huge variety and richness of tools developed and used under the YOUTH programme, a place to experiment with methods and exercises used within the different actions (youth exchanges, EVS, youth initiatives, training) and based on different themes (cultural diversity, inclusion, cooperation with partner countries, etc...). The Fair could become the creation of the participants themselves and enable their tools to be used throughout the programme. "Savoir-faire" / "Know-how" gathered in order to create a "common memory".

What is meant by "tool"?

A tool is any educational means, process or materials that can be used to support trainers, youth workers or young people themselves to better achieve the aims or goals of their activities.
It can be "touchable", "showable", like a video, a booklet, a report, etc.
It can be experienced, like a simulation game, a creative workshop, a quiz, a role play or outdoor activity, etc.


- To gather and to valorise tools created and implemented within the framework of the YOUTH programme.


- To experiment with the tools, to analyse and to reflect on the transferability of these tools

Profile of the participants:

The participants should:
- be active in the YOUTH Programme (young people, youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, NA representatives,...)
- have created a "tool" and experienced it within a YOUTH project (Action 1, 2, 3 & 5),
- be ready to share it with others during the fair and in a compendium.


This event was co-organised by the French National Agency ( and SALTO-EuroMed (, see SALTO EuroMed RC).
Partner organisations were:
- The National Agency of Belgium FR
- The National Agency of the United Kingdom
- The National Agency of Hungary
- The European Youth Forum
- SALTO-YOUTH-Initiatives
- SALTO-YOUTH-Eastern Europe and Caucasus
- SALTO-YOUTH-South Eastern Europe


  • Tool FairTool Fair
  • French National AgencyFrench National Agency
  • Belgian National Agency (French Speaking community)Belgian National Agency (French Speaking community)
  • British CouncilBritish Council
  • Hungarian National AgencyHungarian National Agency
  • European Youth ForumEuropean Youth Forum
  • Salto Youth InitiativesSalto Youth Initiatives
  • SALTO-YOUTH-Eastern Europe and Caucasus

    SALTO-YOUTH-Eastern Europe and Caucasus

  • SALTO-YOUTH-South East Europe

    SALTO-YOUTH-South East Europe


The following downloads are available:

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