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Training course “Eastern Express”

The training activity took place
in Budapest, Hungary
organised by SALTO EECA

Aims & objectives

"Eastern Express" Training course aims at rising quality of Youth Exchanges within action 3.1 of Youth in Action (YiA) programme, especially in cooperation between Programme and Eastern Europe and Caucasus (EECA) regions.
- To create opportunities for building partnerships (through creating trustworthy relations)
- To increase knowledge about essentials of Youth in Action and 3.1 in particular (aims, priorities and formal criteria)
- To increase understanding of quality demands of the youth exchanges with special attention to social inclusion issues

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants were from 18 countries from all over Europe, including Eastern Europe and Caucasus. They were youth workers, group leaders, project managers of NGO's. The team consisted of three trainers from Lithuania, Belarus and Hungary and representatives of SALTO EECA and Hungarian NA.

Training methods used & main activities

The training course was based on few essential methodological principles:
Obtaining knowledge by getting inputs from: a) peers-trainees; b) trainers, resource people; c) yourself (internal insights)
Developing skills and attitudes by using obtained knowledge in project development groups (practice!), various workshops, plenary discussions
Creating space to learn both during the programme (based on non-formal learning) and in breaks or free time (informal learning)
Paying attention to learning process and outcomes: there were periodical reflection meetings for individual reflection and group conversations for assessing each training day.

People got daily reflection tickets with reminded about the main training sessions of the day, reflection questions and information the Youthpass.
The programme was built on the essential quality demands of Youth in Action with possibility for participants each day to integrate what they learn in project development group work.

Outcomes of the activity

Participants develop concrete ideas for international youth exchanges, they build partnerships, they improve skills in international project management, quality management according to "Youth in Action" quality demands.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was involved in the whole process: preparing the programme, conducting the training, evaluating and reporting.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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