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European Youth Meetin 2009

The training activity took place
in Bologna, Italy
organised by Emilia Romagna Region / Replay
23 to 28 NOvember 2009

Aims & objectives

To promote a sense of European identity
and its values among the youth;
 To promote the young generation’s active
citizenship, in general, and European citizenship,
in particular;
 To promote youth mobility in Europe;
 To develop a feeling of solidarity among
the youth for strengthening the European
Union’s social cohesion;
 To favour mutual understanding between
the European nations through its youth;
 To develop a feeling of belonging of the
youth to the European Union;
 To encourage the young generation in
practicing and promoting solidarity, intergenerational
dialogue, and cooperation
as means of fighting against racism and
 To promote youth participation in democratic
institutions and processes.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

12 international team of trainers
Up to 250 Teacher and students from whole Europe

Training methods used & main activities

The methodology is based on the principle
of learning by doing, testing situations or activities
that stimulate reflection of the individual, of
the group and of the individual over the group.
✒ The active methodology allows the participant
to learn more about himself in the path of
human growth with the final objective of increasing
self-awareness. A process that relies on the
interaction with the group through a continuous
exchange of input and feedback. The participant
is not an empty element that uses training to be
filled with concepts, but takes an active role for
himself and other people involved.

Outcomes of the activity

The expected result of the work of teachers
is the development and sharing during the Plenary
session of a Declaration of engagement
containing a series of behaviours, limits and
commitments that characterize their support of
the informal groups of young people who are
and will remain owners of the projects created
during the Meeting and afterwards submitted to
the National Agencies for funding in

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Part of trainers team forstudents

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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