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Euromed at work for active citizenship

The training activity took place
in Baida, Italy
organised by Centro Studi Iniciative Europeo
3rd to 11th of November 2012

Aims & objectives

“Euromed at work for active citizenship” (EWAC) is a TC under the 3.1 Youth in Action programme that was held in Baida (Italy) during 8 days. The project has been born through the recognition that all dimensions of civic engagement (active citizenship, volunteering and participation) are increasingly appearing on the national and international agendas, leading many countries to adopt specific strategies or policies on it.

For that, the TC concretely aimed:
- to support the development of an active citizenship and democratic participation at EUROMED level;
- to show the different opportunities offered by the European and International framework of promoting active citizenship at EUROMED level;
- to raise awareness of the development of volunteering activities and other forms of civic engagement at local level in order to identify common trends, similarities and differences, opportunities and challenges in the voluntary sector within EUROMED area;
- to reflect about non formal education and technologies tools in order to promote active citizenship;
- to raise awareness of the possible benefits of promoting active citizenship to local communities and society in general;
- to share experiences and to develop common strategies for civic participation.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Team of Trainers:
Ahmed Fouad El-Karrany, Male - Egypt
Soad Ibrahim, Female - Italy
Borislava Daskalova, Female - Bulgaria

Group of participants:
EWAC was a group of young people and youth leaders coming from: Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Estonia, Slovenia, Malta, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Israel and Morocco

Training methods used & main activities

The TC, after a general introduction of concepts and tools of active citizenship, forecasted interactive activities in order to share knowledge and personal experiences in this field. It aimed to understand the current dimension of youth civic engagement in the different countries involved.
In order to raise the awareness about the importance of the youth role in building our societies, participants got to know the main programs and opportunities that permit them to be active involved in civic actions.
A particular attention was paid on the opportunities offered by new ways of communication.

Outcomes of the activity

The final result was the built of competences on how to get opportunities and face challenges for youth engagement in EUROMED and the promotion of a deeper Euro-Mediterranean youth work collaboration.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Full time trainer

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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