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  • Rosario Rossi (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1976
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Italy
    based in: Italy
    I'm interested in learning and facilitate learning of other people with flexible and open attitude.

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    Rosario Rossi worked with 19 other TOY trainers.

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  • Aldo Perez (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1984
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: MEXICO
    based in: Austria
    Hola, Hello, Servus, Ciao! As a mexican in Austria, I am used to an international environment. As a trainer, I work with methods that bring out the knowledge and experience of the participants, learning thus from each other. My aim is to develope empowerment and reflection as tools for the further work of each participant beyond the seminar.
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  • Marta Skorczynska (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1986
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Poland
    based in: Poland
    Organisation: WICI collective,
    „There’s madness in this method. Though this be madness, yet there’s method in it” (Drama Way). That quote describes my attitude towards education - connecting with the not obvious in our society, yet the most natural elements of our existance and learning – the body, movement, voice, role playing and drama. I wish that everyone could recognise, live and express their feelings and needs. Being aware of the diversity within us makes it so much easier to appreciate the diversity between us.

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    Marta Skorczynska added 1 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 2 other TOY trainers.

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  • Mara ADR (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1990
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Portugal
    based in: Poland
    Organisation: Fundacja Arena i Swiat, Fundacja Centrum Aktywnosci Twórcej
    I am a pationate person for discovering and understanding the world amoung us. I believe in the power of human relations as a channel to make a better world - tolerant and equal. I am a trainer who loves to share what I know, learning from people, developing creative tools and skills which can help to manage the challenges of the society. I finished my master in International Relations (in english), with a paper work about "Creativity in International Relations". The world in my confort zone.

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    Mara ADR worked with 1 other TOY trainers.

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  • Nelli Gishyan (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1982
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Armenia
    based in: Armenia
    Organisation: Youth Alliance via Networking (YAN) Educational NGO
    Some years back I used to participate in youth meetings and events, because I just liked it! later since 2009 I conduct trainings and youth events, I just live and breath it! ‘Educating the mind without education the heart is no education at all’ [Aristotle] This is what Non Formal Education can give, in addition to all degrees that one obtains. Non formal Education is the key to be a competent young person, youth worker, decision maker and a leader living in the 21st century!

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    Nelli Gishyan worked with 16 other TOY trainers.

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  • Pavel Vassiljev (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1988
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Estonia
    based in: Estonia
    Organisation: Shokkin Group Estonia & Shokkin Group International
    "The best way to predict the future is to create it." - let's create it together, by stepping out and contributing our bit of positive change to this world!

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    Pavel Vassiljev added 13 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 8 other TOY trainers.

    Pavel Vassiljev has 8 references for past work:
  • Kristina Castronovo (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1986
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Latvia
    based in: Italy
    Organisation: The Union of Polish Youth in Latvia (LV), Föreningen Framtidståget (SE), Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano (IT), Attiva-Mente (IT)
    Even if you fall down, stand up and go; Don’t regret what is done, just be grateful for the lesson. Graduated in Political Science; did courses in project management, leadership, psychology. Trainer/project coordinator for more than 10 years and 30 international projects all over Europe. Used to target groups with fewer opportunities and special needs. Love hard topics, fresh project ideas and creating own NFE methods. Delicate but strict, flexible but organised, creative but precise.
    Kristina Castronovo has 7 references for past work:
  • Jordan Herreros (find out more)

    Birthyear: 2016
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Spain
    based in: Spain
    Organisation: WeGo
    I'm a learning facilitator who loves creating and facilitating Experiential Learning programmes for groups of people. My mission is to provide contexts where meaningful learnings can happen and meaningful connections can be created. To provide this contexts I use body expression & movement practices, challenge-based learning, game-based learning and a participatory leadership approach. As a learner I'm focused on NVC (Nonviolent communication) and Body Work at the moment.

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    Jordan Herreros worked with 7 other TOY trainers.

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  • Vesna Radanovic (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1986
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Serbia
    based in: Serbia
    I'm interested in work with young people. I believe that education should be accessible to all. It opens many doors for young people and provides countless opportunities in life. Also this is the best prevention of intolerance, prejudice and disrespect of others and different.

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    Vesna Radanovic worked with 1 other TOY trainers.

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  • Barbara Giovanna BELLO (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1974
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Italy
    based in: Italy
    I am active as a free- lance trainer since 1998 and I have been involved in many seminars and training courses both at the local and at the European level. My interest area especially covers intersectionality, antidiscrimination issues, hate speech, as well as human rights education and advocacy. Recently I have started to deal more and more with the “participatory evaluation”.

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    Barbara Giovanna BELLO added 3 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 5 other TOY trainers.

    Barbara Giovanna BELLO has 3 references for past work:
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