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  • Grigor Yeritsyan (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1990
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Armenia
    based in: Armenia
    Organisation: Armenian Progressive Youth
    I believe that the world is completely different from what we know and what we trust. Allowing us to experience life to the fullest can turn our world upside down. I am coming from Armenia with educational background in Political Science and European Studies. I am involved in youth work since 2008 and have been working as a youth trainer since 2010.

    Activity on SALTO

    Grigor Yeritsyan added 3 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 22 other TOY trainers.

    Grigor Yeritsyan has 19 references for past work:
  • Eliza Zadluzna (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1976
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Poland
    based in: Poland
    “Life is like riding a bike. To keep the balance, you need to move forward all the time”. Albert Einstein I see my mission as supporting individuals, groups and organisations in the process of change, which can be acculturation process of a volunteer coming to new culture, regaining self-confidence and finding a place on the job market, connecting to individual own’s potential and overcoming fears and self-limiting beliefs in order to take a courage and come up with a new plan.

    Activity on SALTO

    Eliza Zadluzna added 2 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 8 other TOY trainers.

    Eliza Zadluzna has 5 references for past work:
  • Tsvetina Zaharlieva (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1978
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Bulgaria
    based in: Bulgaria
    Organisation: "Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley" NGO
    I am an open-minded, sociable and energetic person who loves experiencing new cultures, meeting people, sharing ideas, knowledge and best practices. I like delivering quality trainings with non-formal methods carefully chosen for the topic and meaningful energizers:))I am an avid reader and like to be well-prepared for the topic of the training course I am invited as a trainer. That is why I have a big "home library" of useful NFE resource books and materials.

    Activity on SALTO

    Tsvetina Zaharlieva worked with 5 other TOY trainers.

    Tsvetina Zaharlieva has 8 references for past work:
  • Milica Zarkovic (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1985
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Serbia
    based in: Serbia
    Organisation: Young Researchers of Serbia- Voluntary Service of Serbia
    I'm the citizen of the world. Devoted to idea of lifelong exchange of ideas, information and enthusiasm. Some call it learning, but the weight of that term is great. It sounds hard to accomplish and tiresome. Truth is that learning is easy and fun. It's like breading: aware of it, or not, people do it all the time. So, lets make the most of it!
    Milica Zarkovic has 5 references for past work:
  • Shadi Zatara (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1984
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Palestine
    based in: Palestine
    Organisation: Think of Youth Palestine

    Activity on SALTO

    Shadi Zatara added 4 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 27 other TOY trainers.

    Shadi Zatara has 5 references for past work:
  • Lama Zeinoun Tabet (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1975
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Lebanon
    based in: Lebanon
    Organisation: Chabibeh Sporting Club
    My Youthwork started in 2002 through the Chabibeh Sporting Club Lebanon. We operate in a region that was the scene of the past civil war. My SALTO experience started in 2008. In 2011 I took part in TOTEM II. My EUROMED experience includes training and coordinating different projects under the Youth in Action and Euromed programs. Since 2014, I am working with SALTO Euromed as Trainer and also on the EVS accreditation process.

    Activity on SALTO

    Lama Zeinoun Tabet added 3 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 10 other TOY trainers.

    Lama Zeinoun Tabet has 6 references for past work:
  • Kateryna Zeziulina (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1987
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Ukraine
    based in: Ukraine
    Organisation: Youth NGO "MIKS"
    Impossible is nothing! The thing I love the most is young people making a difference by improving themseves and the world around.

    Activity on SALTO

    Kateryna Zeziulina worked with 4 other TOY trainers.

    Kateryna Zeziulina has 5 references for past work:
  • Martin Zherkov (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1994
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Bulgaria
    based in: Bulgaria
    They say that, when we are children, we want to grow up, but when we are adults we want to be children again. Well, I never wanted to grow up. I love games, adventures, fun, excitement and dreams that is why they are always an important part of my training sessions. Since I was three years on leadership roles (VP and TL) my biggest passions are volunteering work, leadership, personal development, communication skills, management, personal skills, project management, presentation skills etc.
    Martin Zherkov has 3 references for past work:
  • Ilaria Zocco (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1985
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Italy
    based in: Italy
    Organisation: Associazione Culturale IL VERGANTE
    My name is Ilaria, I am from Italy and I am fond of pizza (gluten free ^_^) and Europe! I love reading books and travelling… with many clothes … yes…I know that hand luggage is the best option! I am a smiling and an enthusiastic trainer because I strongly believe in the power of Youth Workers! I am interested in recognition of non-formal learning and I know how precious are for young people the opportunities of mobility financed by Erasmus Plus Programme

    Activity on SALTO

    Ilaria Zocco worked with 3 other TOY trainers.

    Ilaria Zocco has 3 references for past work:
  • Juhász Zsuzsanna (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1981
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Hungary
    based in: Hungary
    Organisation: Élményakadémia KHE
    Being a trainer and the general manager of Élményakadémia (Academy of Experience) NGO give me the opportunity to develop myself and others parallel through non-formal education activities. I choose to do it in a way where joy and playfullness arise. As a trainer my mission is to reflect the potential and capacity one has. I think of myself as a promoter who is able show others what heights they are able to reach.

    Activity on SALTO

    Juhász Zsuzsanna worked with 11 other TOY trainers.

    Juhász Zsuzsanna has 3 references for past work:
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