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  • Barbara Giovanna BELLO (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1974
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Italy
    based in: Italy
    I am active as a free- lance trainer since 1998 and I have been involved in many seminars and training courses both at the local and at the European level. My interest area especially covers intersectionality, antidiscrimination issues, hate speech, as well as human rights education and advocacy. Recently I have started to deal more and more with the “participatory evaluation”.

    Activity on SALTO

    Barbara Giovanna BELLO added 3 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 5 other TOY trainers.

    Barbara Giovanna BELLO has 3 references for past work:
  • Vitalie Cirhana (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1977
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Moldova
    based in: Moldova
    Organisation: "MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute
    I believe learning starts outside of comfort zone, this is why I like to design learning processes focused on challenges we need to overcome for improving ourselves (building a better version of us), discovering new limits, learning new things, developing new competences.

    Activity on SALTO

    Vitalie Cirhana added 7 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 52 other TOY trainers.

    Vitalie Cirhana has 24 references for past work:
  • Ismail Sehic (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1992
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    based in: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Organisation: BRAVO - Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities
    My story with non-formal education started in a quite early stage of my life. My first volunteering experience was a moment I got a grasp of a totally different world of knowledge transfer. I took my first step when I was 12 years old, as a part of Red Cross, world-renowned non-governmental organization. This was a turning point for me in term of active involvement in my surroundings and society in general.
    Ismail Sehic has 12 references for past work:
  • Mahmoud Elsayed (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1992
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Egypt
    based in: Germany
    Organisation: Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association e.V
    "Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth" Muhammed Ali Youth Worker, very passionate about culture connections and peacemaking. I joined NGO work since 2016 working in Egyptian NGO and started working with Erasmus applications and training management for 2 years since we found our branch in Germany, and then started my training career with the German NGO. I am looking for provide the tool in every sector for all young people to grow, develop and connect.
    Mahmoud Elsayed has 4 references for past work:
  • Stefano Dal Farra (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1993
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Italy
    based in: Italy
    Organisation: Comitato d'Intesa
    Stefano Dal Farra is an Italian trainer with a good expertise on team building, group dynamics, soft skills, immigration, communication for non-profit associations, human rights, violent extremisms and intercultural dialogue. He has taken part in more then 15 projects as trainer and facilitator of intercultural group. His creativity, energy and passion are contagious and helpful to make every event special and funny. Having worked with many intercultural groups, makes him a valid trainer.

    Activity on SALTO

    Stefano Dal Farra added 1 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 1 other TOY trainers.

    Stefano Dal Farra has 11 references for past work:
  • Rola Jaafar (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1982
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Lebanon
    based in: Lebanon
    Organisation: Youth Development Organization (YDO)
    peaceful, flexible and very calm,, BUT demanding and tough at times .. had a high school teaching experience,, so u should know! am a researcher and a social woker!

    Activity on SALTO

    Rola Jaafar added 2 tools to the SALTO Toolbox.

    Rola Jaafar has 3 references for past work:
  • Joanna Wrońska (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1979
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Poland
    based in: Poland
    Organisation: (1) National Agency of Erasmus+ Youth, Foundation for the Development of the Education System, ul. Mokotowska 43 00-551 Warszawa (2) Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska ul. Marszałkowska 84/92 lok. 125 00-514 Warszawa (3) Fundacja Civis Polonus ul. Bagatela 10/36
    "Direction: Growth" is my brand name and personal motto. I'm working around Europe as a freelancer since 2008, together with Polish Pool of ERASMUS+Programme Trainers. Passionate and specializing in using digital tools in non-formal and formal education. Recently working the most on developing media and digital competencies, designing e-learning formats, youth participation in local communities and training European Solidarity Corps volunteers.

    Activity on SALTO

    Joanna Wrońska worked with 13 other TOY trainers.

    Joanna Wrońska has 4 references for past work:
  • Evi Koutsospyrou (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1974
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Greece
    based in: Greece ...inspiring poet Kavafis described the thoughts and values... just let yourself listen and understand ;)

    Activity on SALTO

    Evi Koutsospyrou worked with 11 other TOY trainers.

    Evi Koutsospyrou has 4 references for past work:
  • Ádám Rikter (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1989
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Hungary
    based in: Hungary
    Organisation: Regional Youth Service Center
    I'm a person, who like the challanges in life and always try to see advantures than obstacles. I really like trying new things and get experience about feelings. My values are: honest, trust, happiness, fun. To be a trainer is freedom, life long learning, work and helping for people in many field.

    Activity on SALTO

    Ádám Rikter worked with 7 other TOY trainers.

    Ádám Rikter has 4 references for past work:
  • Petya Chalakova (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1985
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Bulgaria
    based in: Bulgaria
    Part of the pool of trainers of the NABulgaria. A co-trainer of the course for Critical and Analytical Thinking in Institute of Public Administration. Holding expertise on the following subjects: Non-formal education methods; Cultural diversity; Critical and analytical thinking; Project planning structure; Communication; Risk management, Civic society engagement; Social awareness; Social entrepreneurship; Environment. Participant in ToT (the XVI edition), organised by SALTO.

    Activity on SALTO

    Petya Chalakova worked with 9 other TOY trainers.

    Petya Chalakova has 4 references for past work:
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