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  • Ozkan UZELLI (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1977
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Turkey
    based in: Turkey
    Organisation: Imece Network Education & Culture
    First, they IGNORE you.. Then, they LAUGH at you.. Then, they FIGHT you.. Then, you WIN!

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    Ozkan UZELLI worked with 7 other TOY trainers.

    Ozkan UZELLI has 6 references for past work:
  • Jordan Herreros (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1996
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Spain
    based in: Spain
    Organisation: WeGo
    My mission is to create spaces of empathy and compassion where meaningful connections can be created and meaningful learnings can happen. To create this spaces I've used Experiential Learning trough body expression & movement practices, challenge-based & game-based methods, and a participatory leadership approach. My current focus is on deepening my NVC (Nonviolent communication) practice and Conflict Mediation skills.

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    Jordan Herreros worked with 7 other TOY trainers.

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  • Dr A. Biba Rebolj (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1984
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Slovenia
    based in: United Kingdom
    When dealing with your own issues, use your head. When dealing with other people's issues, use your heart (personal and professional motto) Biba in five words: Integrity, minimalism, simplicity, humour, professionalism.

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    Dr A. Biba Rebolj worked with 24 other TOY trainers.

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  • Irini Pavlou (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1985
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Cyprus
    based in: Cyprus
    Organisation: CYC Cyprus Youth Council and Friends of the Earth
    Irene has been working as a trainer since 2009. She is actively involved with children and adults. She holds a bachelor in Psychology and European certification in Systemic Psychotherapy. Mrs Pavlou has coordinated and implemented training courses nationally and internationally. She is interested in themes concerning mental health and self-awareness but also everything that connects the 'System' such as European citizenship, youth participation and non violent activism.

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    Irini Pavlou worked with 5 other TOY trainers.

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  • Weronika Jóźwiak (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1983
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Poland
    based in: Poland
    Organisation: Tkalnia Association
    I am a cultural anthropologist specializing in soft skills training: intercultural communication, management skills, sex and anti-discrimination education, civic and global education, design and implementation of educational tools and strategies. Currently I am working on creating and implementing lowering the CO2 emission methods that can be applicable in every youth initiative.

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    Weronika Jóźwiak worked with 2 other TOY trainers.

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  • Natasha Lendjel (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1988
    Gender: Other
    Country of origin: Serbia
    based in: Serbia
    Organisation: KOMPAS - Kreativni omladinski centar Panceva za borbu protiv side
    Enthusiast in non-formal educational methodologies. Devoted to transforming civic courage. Passionate about redefining old and building new attitudes considering the issue on examples of positive life values, as opposed to negative authority and dictators of power in society. Wholeheartedly strengthening the courage and boldness of non-violent struggle against the abuse of power and certain social exclusion and injustice of individuals and groups. Keen on deep listening.

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    Natasha Lendjel worked with 10 other TOY trainers.

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  • Gabriel Brezoiu (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1990
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Romania
    based in: Romania
    Organisation: GEYC - Group of the European Youth for Change
    A European trainer specialized in working with young people in intercultural groups. From my point of view, the three main strengths of my training approach are the followings: a simplified theoretical content as a base for immediate use in practice, using appealing visual support such as presentations, infographics or drawings and focusing on participants’ motivation and involvement. Specialized in new media tools both theory (research studies, statistics etc.) and practice (tips and tricks).

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    Gabriel Brezoiu added 4 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 12 other TOY trainers.

    Gabriel Brezoiu has 24 references for past work:
  • Irakli Mzhavanadze (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1995
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Georgia
    based in: Georgia
    Organisation: Center for Development and Democracy
    About: I am involved in the field of youth development, youth training and youth work since 2012. I started to train internationally on 2015 and got experience in training different target groups on local, regional and international level. The main focus is on Youth Work, Youth Participation and Social Entrepreneurship Education. I am founder of “EuroClub” networks in Georgia.

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    Irakli Mzhavanadze worked with 3 other TOY trainers.

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  • Stanislavs Babins (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1983
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Latvia
    based in: Latvia
    Organisation: NGO "Radi Vidi Pats"
    I am not so young to know everything, but, for sure, I know that learning is non-stop life-long process which could be facilitated by different environments, methods, people and systems. I am passionate about graphic facilitation and recording, which helps me to support learning process of youth workers, mentors and youngsters on such topics as non-formal education, active participation, volunteering, sustainability, inclusion, quality in projects on local and international levels.

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    Stanislavs Babins added 1 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 7 other TOY trainers.

    Stanislavs Babins has 3 references for past work:
  • Stéphanie Fritz (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1980
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Germany
    based in: Germany
    Ten years of working as a volunteer coordinator with youth and young adults with disabilities or other discriminating characteristics, make me a specialist for inclusion and diversity. Did you ever think about how your warm-ups, workshops, trainings, etc would work if the group was inclusive? I'm a pro in trying this out:-) Besides this, I like all topics and methods that deal with global learning, solidarity, alternative ways of living, mindfulness.

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    Stéphanie Fritz worked with 4 other TOY trainers.

    Stéphanie Fritz has 3 references for past work:
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