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SE-HUB mobile application

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SE-HUB stands for “Empowering Change makers:Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in the Citizen Sector”. This app is your guide through the database of good practices in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, gathered from all over the world

Aims of the tool

- to introduce the topic of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact, including main definitions, historical overview and methodology of starting and managing an own social enterprise
- showcase good practices of youth-driven social entrepreneurship and social innovation

Description of the tool

The mobile app is one of the main outputs of the SE-HUB project. It is a joint effort of 6 organizations (2 from EU, 2 from Latin America and 2 from Africa). Its overall objective is to build the capacity of youth organizations in the EU and Partner Countries to create awareness and skills for youth-led social entrepreneurial ventures and for the application of socially innovative entrepreneurial approaches in non-profit work within the citizen sector, in view of encouraging positive and lasting social change, improving the effectiveness of youth work and fostering the viability of youth organisations.

The specific objectives include:
1. Building the capacity of youth organizations to monitor and analyse their local socio-economic contexts and needs in view of devising efficient youth work approaches and focusing on the right priority areas for the promotion of social entrepreneurship and innovation;
2. Promoting the exchange of good practices in the field of SE and social innovation in the non-profit citizen sector;
3. Developing training modules (Open Educational Resources) in the above fields;
4. Developing the participating organizations’ capacities for integrating SE and social innovation training into youth work at the local level using innovative and effective training and learning methods;
5. Creating sustainable hubs for social entrepreneurship and social innovation promotion, training and support, and encouraging effective networking and international cooperation in this field.
In the longer run, SE-HUB should lead to increasing high quality specialized training opportunities for youths interested in social entrepreneurship and career in the citizen sector.
For more information about the project, you can check its website:
After exploring our tool, the learners will:
- get familiar with the concept of Social entrepreneurship (SE), Social Innovation and Social Impact
- be able to analyze the societal needs and challenges and propose relevant actions how to address them
- scale, measure and report the social impact of their activities
- define the key features of a Social enterprise
- identify and plan how to apply the main business activities (finance management, marketing, strategic planning, human resource management) into the SE setting
- be able to describe and analyze good practices of social entreprises from all over the world


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Tool overview

SE-HUB mobile application

This tool is for

Everyone interested in the topics of Social Entrepreneurship and Social impact, but mainly, representatives of youth organisations, who would like to become more aware and skilled to lead social entrepreneurial ventures and to apply social innovations in their communities.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Youth Initiatives, Project Management, Organisational Management

It is recommended for use in:

Transnational Youth Initiatives
Capacity Building

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

SE-HUB project team

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Veselina Valcheva Dimitrova (on 14 July 2020)

and last modified

24 March 2020

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