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A carousel activity for raising the theoretical awareness about any project theory.

Aims of the tool

To raise theoretical awareness about any project topic.

Description of the tool

1. Divide participants into groups of max 6 pers each.
2.Write the name of Your project with capital letters in a vertical row on A4 paper. Make a copy for each group.
3. Give such a paper with the project name to each group.
4. Explain the rules and play the game of the carousel activity: You will set the stopwatch for 20 seconds for each round, marking the time of the change by, e.g. whistling. Each group during its 20 seconds has to write related terms to the project topic, starting with capital letters of the project title, in a respective row in the paper. As many as possible during this time, no repeating. After 30 seconds the teams pass their paper to the next group in a clockwise direction and get another one from the previous group. The game continues till all capital letters in the papers have at least one term.
5. The facilitator has to collect all the papers and put them in front of the group for the comparison. All together the group selects the most common terms and explains their meaning, as well as discuss the meanings of unusual, difficult terms.


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Tool overview

This tool addresses

YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme

Materials needed:

A4 papers, markers.


ca 45 min

Behind the tool

The tool was created by


(If you can claim authorship of this tool, please contact !)

The tool was created in the context of

TC "Forever Young", Daugavpils, Latvia, January 2020

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Kristina Castronovo (on 27 August 2020)

and last modified

23 March 2020

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