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Creativity / Eco-Design

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A creativity session using brainstorming, imagination and trash material.

Aims of the tool

Support creativity, thinking out of the box and ideas' production
Co-operate in a team respecting each others opinions
Learn to use the resources that are available
Group building
Have fun

Description of the tool

1. Welcome & Presentation of the exercise and its aims
2. Warm-Up ith a 'silly' game
3. brain-storming in small groups
4. “From trash to product”
5. [optional] How to adapt it to their work
6. Debriefing

1. Welcome + Presentation of the aims of the session

2. Warm-Up exercises (free flow, imagination)

3. Brainstorming
a) Creation of small groups (between 4 and 7 persons)
b) Introduction of brainstorming and rules (1 person writes, write every idea, no commenting or discussing during brainstorm, don’t block your mind, any idea – also 'crazy' and funny- are very welcome, build up on other's ideas).
c) Task
* under a clothe, put trash objects and each group one by one put their hands under the clothe and choose an object without seeing it (choose objects that inspires you, do not put only used packaging, can also be small pieces of games, small items)
* say “You are ecodesigner and you have to find alternative use for this object. You have 5 minutes. Try to find at least 20 new ways to use it.”
* Each group counts how many results they have and say the number in plenary
* Each group chooses their 3-5 favourite or coolest ideas and read them in plenary

4. Ecodesigning session “From trash to product
* “You are still ecodesigners. You have this raw material (point to trash on separate table or place) and these tools (glue, tape, scissor, etc). Your task is to develop a new functional product that is eco-friendly. Then brand it: give it a name and prepare a promotional presentation (like a commercial), that communicates your product to potential clients or investors. Presentation can be max. 1 minute and will be filmed.
* Presentations and filming (camera or smartphone) of each 'commercial' (it is good to prepare a “studio”, to make participants more “in” the game).

5. [optional] How to adapt it to their work (this can also be a part of the debriefing)

6. Debriefing


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SALTO cannot be held responsible for the inappropriate use of these training tools. Always adapt training tools to your aims, context, target group and to your own skills! These tools have been used in a variety of formats and situations. Please notify SALTO should you know about the origin of or copyright on this tool.

Tool overview

This tool is for

Young people Youth workers Trainers Citizens

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Youth Participation, Environment

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Paper and pens
Tape, scissors, glue, etc.
Trash material
A smartphone or video camera


1,5 - 2 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Emmanuel Mappus & Epp Addler

in the context of

Erasmus+/YiA Training courses

The tool has been experimented in

A 1st version of this exercise has been co-created by Emmanuel Mappus & Epp Adler during the TC “Ultra: beyond exclusion”/FOL21 in 2012 in St-Brieux [FR]. A 2nd version was created by Emmanuel Mappus for the TC “Wake up Green Up",TPP/ToT-French NA in 2016

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Emmanuel Mappus (on 10 August 2016)

and last modified

3 August 2016

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