Youth Solidarity: Growing Together

Give educational and daily assistance to the minors hosted in the communities, boys and girls who are under the social services care.

The children we host are both italian and non-accompanied foreign minors.
The activities will take place in the 5 communities of “Il Tetto” and in the places where the kids usually go: school, gym, creative laboratory and so on. The main objective is to actively involve the European volunteers in the daily life of the communities giving them the chance to live an educational experience.
Moreover, the project aims at stimulating tolerance and solidarity between people, fostering the volunteers’ spirit of initiative and the cooperation between people, united by a common goal.
A transversal objective of the project is the promotion of multilingualism, in accordance with the EU motto: “United in diversity”. The volunteers will have the chance to learn Italian, which is a basic requirement for being involved in the project, communicating and integrating in the community; they will not only be students, but they will also participate at the school’s activities as “peer educators”: learning facilitators for other students. Moreover, they will have the chance to improve their linguistic abilities, communicating with kids coming from French or English or Arabic speaking countries.

Volunteers will be engaged in the following activities:
• Participate to the Italian course as students and as peer educators;
• Live together with the kids experiences of daily life;
• Organize activities during the kids’ free time;
• Assist the kids in their daily activities (room cleaning, study, cooking and eating together)
• Workshops
• Participate to sporadic fundraising activities.

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Contact person: Marta de Marinis


Phone: +39 3925021908

Project overview

Youth Solidarity: Growing Together is a project by
Il Tetto Casal Fattoria
taking place
from 2020-09 till 2021-09
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Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)

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