Volunteers for future



The activity will deal with the transformation process
(already underway) of a confiscated farm, into a "manifesto"
farm of good practices in the agronomic, social and cultural

The project will seek to involve the local community in the
collective construction of the farm as a common good and
as an agricultural park available to the local community
through the following activities:
● Planning and self-construction of light structures useful
for the future activities of the Agricultural Park
● Increasing biodiversity through planting and
experimenting with an agroforestry model
● Organisation and realisation of public events, seminars,
workshops, training lessons, useful to increase the
awareness and skills of the territory regarding the
opportunity to create value from the land
● Integration of migrants within the socio-cultural context,
but also within the working/housing context
● Involvement of young people in a concrete experience
of recovery of a confiscated property through
participatory activities open to the local community


Summer camp for all girls and boys aged 6 to 11,
where girls and boys explore the body, voice and
space in a special way, through play, discovery
and lots of fun.

The summer camp includes workshops in
theatre, dance, yoga, circus, orienteering, art
and music. For many children, taking part in the
EXPLORA summer camp will be an opportunity to
broaden their horizons, a growth experience that
will motivate and enrich them.

The aim is to bring children back to a space that
the new generations know less and less about,
preferring virtual worlds, to stimulate them to
experience the countryside as a fundamental
element of our country, to feel the wind, to walk
on the land, to stand under the shade of a
centuries-old olive tree.


Volunteers will be engaged in the task of
organizing information events about the
European Solidarity Corps programme, an
activity of vital importance if thought in the
context of San Vito dei Normanni, a rural area
where the knowledge of such programmes is
usually not very high.

You will have the chance to develop a
personal project which can be the creation
of workshops, the promotion of the ESC, the
creation of new activities within XFarm, the
introduction of new practices of agricultural
experimentation as well as artistic ones, etc.

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Project overview

Volunteers for future is a project by
MOH - Mobility Opportunities Hub
taking place
from 2021-05-01 till 2021-11-01
This project relates to:
Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Cultural differences
  • Geographical obstacles

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