Using Urban Space Wisely: Vertical and Horizontal Urban Farming in Cities and Towns

An initiative to increase urban farming in smaller cities and towns by cultivating unused spaces in neighbourhoods, municipal spaces and private land.

Youth Urban Farming (UFarm) is an initiative to bring employment opportunities by encouraging Urban Youth into Vertical and Horizontal Urban Farming in towns and Using Urban Space Wisely. It is an initiative aimed at providing youth employment opportunities by bring urban farming into the mainstream and to increase urban farming and edible gardens in smaller cities and towns by using disused and unused areas in neighbourhoods, municipal spaces and private land through community consensus by training the young in our societies to support the future food needs of our citizens in an era likely to see a reduction in and weakening of agricultural land due to population growth and intensive chemically-based farming methods. This project will support viable high-tech and low-tech non-animal farming using environmentally and sustainable solutions for our future food needs within one hour of its consumption. The two solutions will be complementary. Essentially it is to increase youth employment and improve the life chances of young people in these uncertain times by future-proofing their jobs by reintroducing farming to our citizens and reduce the destruction on the biosphere that an ever expanding population is causing through industrial farming methods, deforestation, intensive animal farming and the use of chemical and genetic tools to increase productivity in the current rural agricultural community. Urban farming will seek to exploit technology in an environmentally-friendly way such as using solar power to generate electricity for vertical farms and traditional composing for horizontal agricultural units in cities.

The project objectives of UFarm are:
-To equip disadvantaged youth with marketable skills that can be employed within the fledgling urban agricultural industry.
-To engage and empower disadvantaged youth and engage with business and municipal authorities and advocate for the inclusion of urban farms in new developments and the removal of bylaws preventing urban farming.
-To raise awareness of the problems disadvantaged youth face in education, training and onward progression in employment as well as the benefits urban farming can bring them;
-To increase urban fruit and vegetables production that can be sold to local businesses by creating a viable collective business model for the 21st century.
-To nurture a bio economy and foster a food-producing ecosystem with the city.
-To provide a learning curriculum to equip disadvantaged youth with the skills to work in urban agriculture, and give them transferable skills to work in other areas of the economy improving their life chances through education and work.
-To combat social exclusion and promote inclusion through this community-based project.

It is expected that there will be a minimum of 50 to 60 young people participating in the face-to-face learning sessions and the practical urban farming projects. This number will increase to 150 for those using the online learning platform. The participants will be those young people targeted in the dissemination campaign who are disadvantaged, or those who identify as disadvantaged.

The activities to be conducted are:
Research entitled: The Mobilization of Disadvantaged Urban Youth through Farming in Europe.
Awareness Campaign aimed at highlighting the need for more youth empowerment for disadvantaged communities by providing them with opportunities in Urban Farming.
Urban Farming Curriculum that can be used by youth groups to establish urban farms be they on their window sill, garden or local park.
Urban Farming e-course that can be used by disadvantaged youth as part of their training;
UFarm platform that will host the e-course, but will include additional interactive content such as video, web-forum, a ’Growing’ blog and sellers page where urban farmers can sell their products online.

What underpins this is the belief and need to increase societal participation of disadvantaged youth communities through free training that can provide them the opportunities to take advantage of their talents, abilities and skills to increase their life chances and work towards a secure future. The vehicle for doing this will be through the UFarm project that will provide these opportunities.

*The last partner we need for this project*:
-Has technical capabilities to build an online platform
-Is not from Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, or Italy
-Is interested in a mutual partnership, i.e. including Eurospeak in a project as well

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Contact person: Kelsea Mucherino


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Project overview

Using Urban Space Wisely: Vertical and Horizontal Urban Farming in Cities and Towns is a project by
Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd.
taking place
from 2021-03-01 till 2023-03-01
This project relates to:
Strategic Partnerships
and is focusing on:
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Sustainable development
  • Urban/rural development

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